Friday, November 28, 2008

Here We Go Again

I'm just babbling at the moment. Really bored. I'm chatting with Sharanya and Rory. Rory had went to KLCC and she's going back tomorrow to find more Rory-s (it's an inside joke).

I doubt there would be any HOT rory-s after that day at OU. Some parts were really embarrassing but we all made it through alive! Sigh. I really hope we would get to see a night movie, there's more Rory-s.

So Sze Yan had done a trailer for Scraps to Wembley. Check it out. It's really cool! Sharanya, Gabriel is so much hotter than Jacob. Haha;DD

Whoa. Now I really love the song Super Massive Blackhole & Time is Running Out. These songs are just so cool!!!

Okay. I'm busy back. Googling pics for Sabine & Vampires=)
Yes, I kinda adore Vampires=))

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight Fever - Still HIgh Of It

Ina, Sharanya, Alliya, Sze Yan and I watched Twilight today! ARHHH!!!!
Hahaha LOL ;DD
The movie was great. Edward wasn't so good looking at first but he got his ground when he was flying at the trees and when he wore the thick blue jacket. It was ah-mazing!!!
But I was disappointed that they edited and cut many scenes. They changed the plot, the places and time. I wished they followed the book if not it wouldn't have ended so fast! I am still truly disappointed. But whatever, it was still nice.
They missed a lot of Edward's quotes!!! UGHHH!!!!
I was so looking forward for his lovable quotes. And they missed the part he said I LOVE YOU and...god! So many other quotes!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love the movie so much. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle....were freaking hot!!! Jasper was WOOT WOOT. Carlisle was OH MY GAWD!!! I didn't expect him to be that HOT!!!
Jacob looks really ugly in the long hair. Sorry, sharanya.
I hope New Moon, they won't cut and edit because I love and want the original story. Stephenie Meyer's original plot, not like Twilight which really disappointed me. The people in the cinema were also sighing in disappointment.....but in the end, it's Twilight=)
Alice was pretty(:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Twilight. OMG, I still can't get over it!

I still so can't freaking believe I'm gonna watch Twilight on its first day of release! It's - argh!!!! Grrr, I still can't wait.
At first, Alliya went online but it said all fully booked. We were all so angry! Then, I suggested my mum is going to One U tomorrow so then, she will buy for us. But knowing us, obsess teens of Twilight & Edward, we didn't feel safe. Konon. So, Alliya called for phone reservation although we were pretty sure we would be ending up disappointed as usual.
Amazingly, she got through!!! She claimed it was a robot speaking device, of course I believed her. LOL. Still, we weren't at ease. My parents kept on saying it's already confirmed, now would you please calm down before you get hysteria?
My dad: Have you friend gave the person her number?
I said: It was a robot.
My dad: Whatever. Robot. Human. Vampire. Did she?
I said: Yes. She gave.
My dad: Did that thing said yes?
I said: Ermm, wait! I don't know -
My dad: She gave the number so it's confirmed! Just collect the tickets an hour before the movie starts.
I said: Pheww!
My dad: What of movie is this? Making you having sleepless nights.
I said: Edward Cullen
My dad: Who?
I said: Oh! It's that vampire guy. He's so sweet, handsome and -
My dad: Okay, okay. I heard it the first moment you open the book. So
tired of hearing you saying that.
I really pity my dad for needing to hear this day and night. I never stop babbling about Twilight since I knew it was being made into a movie. And I neevr stop babbling my love for Edward Cullen the moment I read the book. My mum thinks I'm overreacting...hmm I wonder how would she react if she was my age, reading this.
I still can't get hold of Sharanya. That girl! Been calling her for times and still won't pick up. She needs to hear the news!
The GREAT GRAND news!!!
I just so bloody can't wait!!! I'm just so HAPPY!!! :DDDDD
TWILIGHT, here we cooomeeeee!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Seek in a Guy

First Post:

Firstly, I don't even know what the heck am I suppose to write. Moreover, how am I going to write this. Hmm. It's easier to speak. But attention, this is my seeking, so don't get offended, okay?

His attitude always catch my attention. Depending on what he does, how he reacts and do stuff could show me what type of person he really is. I would want him to be all the good boy stuff...but please, maintain your status as a man. Don't sway here and there.

If I were to see a guy, I would search for his face first. I would be lying if I say look doesn't count. Look is what makes the ball roll. Everyone's tatse in looks are different. He must be good looking from all angles and handsome, cute...but my friends said I'm more of pretty boys & bad boys.

If I were to see a guy from the back, the first thing I would see is his butt. Haha:D I don't know why but yes, it's true. Then from there, I would judge. Please don't ask how I judge.

Then, I would go onto his eyes and lips. I like guys whose eyes and lips are the highlights of their features. I prefer green eyes and thin, cherry lips. Then, his smile, voice and laughter. That depends on how I look at them.

But I want a guy who is a musician...who plays the guitar or sings. I love musicians guys. I really, really do. It seems romantic to me. LOL:D He must at least know how to sing one of my favourite songs=)

And the Hair!!!
Wash it. Comb it. Groom it.
Make sure it looks proper & nice. And it doesn't smells! The same goes for the ordour. Put on some cologne. I love guys who smell really good. xoxo

He must be funny, sweet, understanding and caring. Lovable. But I usually fall for the bad boys and go after the pretty boys;)) Oh by the way, watch out for you sense of fashion. Cause sometimes it really turns people off by the way you dress.

Yes. I know. Edward Cullen. But he doesn't exist. I just want a guy who has some bits of Edward's affection and love, then I'm totally head over heels. I love a guy who can spill out his he feels and thinks without feeling embarrass. He must never forget my birthday at all. A simple plant of kiss will do just fine as long as he remembers=)

Sorry if you have to read this, it must be demanding. LOL.
There's more to come((:

Guys, Don't Get Touchy Over Edward Cullen

Why do guys have to get so touchy when girls say I Love You, Edward Cullen? Guys, it's not because of him but by his quotes and expressing his love for Bella.

Tell me, how many guys have the guts or just spill out how do they really feel for their girls? Trust me, I've been through this. So far I know, NONE. Most of them would be like, 'Hey. I love you.' Fullstop. Where's the rest??? Isn't there anything else you guys feel?

I truly believe that Stephenie Meyer created Edward in such way because she felt a guy should be like him. Not afraid of showing how you truly feel. Mostly, that's what girls wants. We want to hear from guys the truth, not just smoching here and there.
Stop. The. Ego.

So you can the reason why girls are comparing right now. Tell me, if every guy was like Edward, do you even think we would compare? If every guy knows how to treat a girl right, do you think we would want nobody else but Edward?

Puh - leze, you've seen reports girls committed suicide because of her boyfriend this....her husband that. So guys, don't get so touchy here, okay?

It's merely what Girls Think Every Guy Should Be because we all know that particular guy never exist, never had and never will.

Strong Supporter of Edward Cullen & Stephenie Meyer,


Westlife, the Best Band

Kian, Shane, Nicky, Mark

These guys totally rock my world. They are 10 years old in the Westlife band today. Happy Birthday Westlife!!! (=

I began to like Westlife when my mum gave me their first CD, I think I was only six that time. Being still fresh & innocent, I loved them from the first moment their voices poured out from the speakers. Truth is they are the best singers I've ever heard until now. I could recognize their voices without even need to look at them. Their voices are the only ones in this entire universe. But Mark's voice has the melting chocolate voice (LOL) that it is the most beautiful voice in the world.

For one thing, they are Irish. And I love Irish guys, I don't know why. From my perspective, they have some really sexy accent, names and looks. I love Shane Filan from Westlife. One, he has Green eyes. Two, he's the most handsome one. Three, he has an amazing smile. Sadly, he's married and has a daughter)= Oh, whatever. He's still mine!!!

People who first met me, asked, 'So who's your favourite singer or band?'

'Westlife.' I said.

Then, they would stare at each other, eyes popping out, jaw hanging down. Like, they couldn't believe what they've just heard. Don't believe me? Ask Sharanya and Ina. They were there when that happened. Sharanya claimed that her mind was all 'cricket singing' when I mentioned Westlife. But now, it's all good, they accepted that I'm a bit old fashioned, Haha:D

But their songs are truly amazing if you just listen to the lyrics carefully. Read it and then, you'll know why. That's also if you are the type who love lyrics then music, and not the other way around.

Where, where. Where could They be?

I'm not doing anything important at the moment. Just googling some hot male models at the moment, I'm bored. Like I said, Hot Guys are never boring(=
So if you are reading this, I'm sorry cause I'm just babbling some stupid, boring stuff. Still, I'm finding a really HOT male model but it seems pretty hard. Hmm...
Yes, I'm counting down the days to Twilight! Haha:D How many times must I mention this? It seems that I'll never get over it, sigh. I can't focus on anything right now because I'm too eager to watch the movie!
On Twilight Day, my friends and I are going to dress specificly. Although Alliya kept pestering Ina to wear leggy/shorts, it seemed that Ina still stood her ground to be the only normal human in our group on that day. FYI, I'm gonna be the all black from head to toe one, yeah, EMO. Haha, I'm not, I just love black(:
Okay, I'm gonna continue on my search for a Hot Male Model. I'll babble again once I'm done. Haha!
As if I'm ever done with googling for Hot Guys((:

More of Pretty Boy

Ryan Taylor

6 foot 2

Blue Eyes

IMG Model in NY(=

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hot Guys Addict

I'm going to confess like Rory and Human Curry did. Whenever I see really hot guys, I'll be like holy moly, are they really real? It's like they are too hot, too beautiful to be on this planet. Truth is I'll go all *faints* and *sighs* when I see them. If they happen to be in my neighbourhood, I would stalk them. LOL:DDD

Here's the things of my 'this-guy-dont-exist':

1. Green eyes

2. Dark, dark hair (flat down)

3. Thin, cherry lips

4. Dimples (optional)

5. Musician (singer or guitarist)

6. White & neat teeth

7. Nice laugh

8. No-No Ego

9. Romantic (must know how to speak, not junks)

10. Really needs to understands me cause I can be mentally crazy sometimes=)

I know what I'm seeking is truly insane and impossible but I just like to wonder off and dream on my kind of guy. Haha:D
My friends and I can babble on and on about Hot Guys...but they are like sharan said...rarely Malaysians, haha. There is a never ending conversation of hot-ness of guys.

So yeah, you think there's a guy like I want above?

Show me(:

Vampires the Cause of Chaos

Do Vampires really exist? If they do, who was their creator? If they don't, I wish someone could make one...

If Vampires are real, do they really live on blood to live? Are they really that harmful & dangerous to us?

Then, are they still considered as humans? Would they have the same human emotions and reactions in whatever they do?

According to myths, they would be extremely strong and unbreakable. You mean like superman?

How long can they live? 200? 500? 1,000? Forever?

How do they survive through all these if one day they would be found? I'm sure they would be experimented...even so, will there be a war of Vampires vs. Humans??

If some of them had chose to share a life with humans, is that wrong as it apply to tiger and lion together?

Truth is, I don't even give a damn. If I had a chance, I might convert myself, even though there's no turning back.
I need to go to Rehab

Love the Character, Not the Person

Okay. Let me put this straight. I've been budging by people that I'm utterly blind or better yet, brain washed for going head over heels for Edward Cullen. Pfft...what do you think I am? Born with a cuckoo brain?

If I may say, the Twilight Saga came out long before anybody knew it was Robert Pattinson who was going to play as Edward. Long before, I had fell for Edward Cullen because of his sweet charm and lovable quotes. Plus, guys won't admit that Edward is good because they know he is way better than that, and that would only spoil their egos.

Yeah...I wished that Edward had been played by a more suitable guy with a look of vamipre. There's one guy I thought about, though. The movie Four Brothers, the youngest brother (I can't remember his name), the one with the dark blonde hair...the most handsome of all. Dang! He should've been casted. Seriously, that guy is a BOMBSHELL, in my side of view. He has the look of a vampire. Even my mum said that Robert doesn't look like a vampire at all.

Oh well, that still doesn't stop me from opening Twilight Saga and read them every single day. I am so still going to watch the movie with my maniac, crazy Twilight Saga's Fans:DD Haha!!

P/S if any of you know who is that Hot Dark Blonde Guy from the Four Brothers, please tell me his name. I always miss it)=

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Truly Unbreakable

Currently in Port Dickson. Relaxing but I still prefer to be at my house. I'm an indoor person and I hate outdoors except if it means by going out for movies and shoppings(:

I'm waiting for my sis so I could take my bath. I am going out for dinner. So tired): after a sunny day at the golf course. Luckily, I'm heading back tomorrow!

Listening to Unbreakable by Westlife. Trust me, it's the best song. It's my favourite song (I just realized it, haha). If I had my lover to sing it to me, I would want him to sing it for me:D

And yes, I am still counting down to Twilight:DD
I so damn can't wait! Argh!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bored to the Arse, I babble

I'm chatting with Ina again(:

Haha, I know. I've been chatting for the past holidays. I'm so bored sticking at home.

But right now, I'm going to P.D. tonight and returning on Sunday. We're going to celebrate my younger sister's great result for UPSR. She got 6 A's and I B. Congrats(:

So yes, I'm bored to the arse but I can't do anything about it. Sighs. That's why I wished for Fairy Odd Parents to come true so I can make Edward come true. I'm really having illusions that Edward comes to my window every night. I need to enroll to some rehab...

I'm just googling pictures and wallpapers for Westlife. Damn, they're hot especially Shane Filan. Whoo-huu!!! Hot stuff! Hahha:D

And they say girls can't chase after guys like guys do!

Ina, we are so gonna find another Rory on Twilight's Day!!! ((:

p/s I'll make sure he's the very type:D

My Sweet Boys for LIFE

Ladies & Gays, back off! These Boys are MIne((:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Internet slow, Chatting with Male & Females, Edward, Happy Birthday Mel(:

Right now, my internet sucks.
I can't upload any pics. I am so gonna ask my dad for streamyx. Ugh!

Currently, chatting with Ina, Melanee(: and Idzham. They are so cool to chat with...still pity Idzham. Sorry(: We were guiding him on being more fatter. Heh. Seriously, this dude is so skinny.

So since I can't log into other webs, I blog.

My mind is filled with Edward Cullen now...

Still I think Gaspard Ulliel or Chace Crawford should've been Edward Cullen. I think they are more good looking...with mysterious features. I root for Chace Crawford!! So hot!

Well what's done is done. Robert plays Edward and that's why I love him.

OMG, it's 12 am.

Lots of love and kisses=)

Wishing for Fallen Presents

The Two Main Things I want

if I get good results for PMR


Fairy Odd Parents

I do know Fairy Odd Parents don't exist
But there is such thing called wishing

King of all Vampires

I was never crazy of him in Harry Potter...
Now, he's the Famous, Godlike Vampire
Shit yeah, he's HOT

OhMyGod, I so can't freakin' wait!!!
ugh...Edward Cullen, you are so driving me insane!
By the way, I feel utterly stupid for loving a fictional character as Ina put it. So yeah, I have a mental disorder for being in love with a guy who doesn't even exist
Dammit! Pray...pray!!! Pray for a miracle to happen
*snort* miracle for making Edward real,
Okay, please help me or if not I'm really going to die as a virgin=

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay, I'm Insane

Edward Cullen

He is practically the hottest guy ever even though he doesn't exist.
A girl can dream, right?

I get so frustrated when I look at other guys, thinking, "no way. he can't because he's not Edward."
Thanks so much Edward

Still I am so in love with Edward that I never stop thinking about him everyday and every minute.
Like I'm connected to thinking only about him!

Oh crap, I'm never going to find a husband.
Maybe if I did, he would be a vampire the end, I don't mind becoming a vampire myself(:

I'm turning Pyscho

Currently chatting with Sharan(:
Babbling about Twilight & Edward Cullen, we seriously are gushing and hovering over these two things madly!!

Honestly, I dream about Edward every single night! Like he is going to come through my window and appear beside me. Yeah, call me a mental disorder person but hey! He is freakin' damn hot!!!

Robert (the guy playing Edward) has become hot to me because of his role in playing Edward Cullen. Oh God, I just really, really want Edward!! I feel like crying now):

27 November (Malaysia release)
Bloody hell, I can't wait any longer

Westlife Fan til Death xx


Shane Filan, you are superb hot!

The One & Only STALKERS

This is The Stalkers. Haha. Laugh if you want but shit yeahh, we are here. Valerie & Clasky were the newbies this year. They met up with the other two finding that they all had the same chemistry that bounded our brains and unlogical minds together. Ohh, they are nothing like what you think.


Vocalist - Natasha

She has this really out going, funny and hyper personality that life would simply be dull without her. This is how much i love you((: haha Her voice is a wow-wow! But sometimes I think she control herself too much. That is especially controlling herself in an embarrassing situation.

Guitarist - Valerie

Punk, Funk, Junk =P Haha. She has the latest update info and incredible sense of humour. Fun to joke and laugh with but seriously, don't ever cross her. Love her but yeah, beware her. Simply simple but demands high:D

Bassist - Clasky

Quiet, Mean, Blur, Crazy =| She was born to cause trouble and break her bones. Clumsiness is the number on nature in her so don't even bother asking her to jump a drain of a 5 cm radius. Easy to be with but she has an incredible mean, unfriendly temper for strangers and enemies. Yeahh, she's the meaniest of them all!

Drummer - Chole

Simply adorable & chubby. She has the pealing, unstoppable laugh. Laughs at everything, anything even if it doesn't really connects to the human brain at all. She loves The Strokes like hell, I suppose she would go to hell with them. p/s we all think she puts everything with: matthew-loves-alliya-forever-and-ever

Dang! We Rock?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Beautiful Boys in My Block(:


The most loveable, romantic & wanted guy in my life. I love him by his quotes. Even if the author hadn't described him to be a beauty, I was already head over heels by his loving qoutes(:


I described him the most beautiful creation by God. I love the ah-mazing green eyes of his and kissable lips(: His act in Gossip Girl and Coventant had driven me in such an insane way that I thought having a kid like him!

Ryan Taylor

Sweet, fresh young faced model. I wouldn't mind spending every night and day with him. LOL:D Simply beautiful and gorgeous.

Ding Dong Dang

Muah HA HA!!!
Jesus, I'm getting crazier!
Can't wait for Twilight!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Race & Religion are Never the Obstacles

I still remember far back when I was only 7 years old. It was my first day of my very first school. You couldn't believe how excited and nervous I was. To cut it short, my class teacher placed us to our new seats. I was seated next to a cute and small Chinese girl.

Well, I won't mention her name, so I'll put her as Sally. I smiled at her like I do to other kids but what shocked me was she glared at me and looked away with her nose up high. I felt stabbed. What had I done, I thought. This thing went on until the final year. By next year, she was transfered out.

It didn't end there, though. Throughout my primary school years, I didn't have any close friends at all, especially in my class. I had only 1 best friend, who I still keep in touch til today(= Still, it hurt when I was always left out in activities and games. Being the only Muslim girl in class, people just treat me like I'm from Mars except for a few of them who respected who I am and I for always salute them.

It was then as I grew older and more mature that I realize it was my race and religion that had been the issue. I was shocked by it. I'm from a mixed parentage background. My dad's a Malay and my mum's a Chinese. My parents always taught me to never judge people based on their colour and religion. Here I am, being one of the victims.

But when I entered secondary school, things were better. People there respect me for who I was. In the end, I had best friends from different races and religions. To me, they are all the same, it's what they do that define them.

Right now, thinking back, my primary school years had been bitter. When my schoolmates cried on graduation day, I didn't shed a tear for I had no shoulders to cry on. But now, I'm seeing a happy and cheerful life, laughing with my friends.

I just hope that those people who are enduring the same thing I had gone through, be strong and don't lose faith in yourself. When there is bad, there is good. Treating people based on their backgrounds are ridiculously wrong. Because I believe God has created people from all sorts of colours and mixtures for a reason, and that is: learn to respect and accept other differences.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Undying Love

There he was again, with his ever angelic smile. His liquid chocolate eyes forever piercing me down. I always go to this small, antique look bookshop every chance I get just to see his face. I gathered up my courage and walked to the front counter. My knees weakened the moment he set his gaze on me.

"May I help you, miss?" he asked.

Just tell him how you feel. Just spill it out for Christ's sake!

" you....I....Do you know where can I find this author?" I asked tremblingly as I showed him a scribbled paper.

"Oh, sure. I know this author." he said knowingly and smiled.

I followed him at the end of the bookshop where only natural light from the windows appeared as our light. As he searched for the book, I studied his flawless features. God, have you ever seen anyone so beautiful before? I was loss of words, nothing could define how I felt.

"Here you go, miss." he said and handed me the book.

"Oh, thank you." it was all I could say.

"You know, that's one of my favourite book." he continued and shrugged. "You are actually the only one I've come so far who read this book."

I looked up at him, without any hesitation I landed my lips on him. At that point, my mind went completely blank. I didn't know what was I doing. His lips was so soft and warm that I didn't want to let go. It felt so good that my mind snapped back to reality. His eyes were wide and his mouth hanging down opened.

"Ohmygod, I'm sorry...I'm..." I began but as soon as I did, I sobbed with tears spilling down.

With the book in my hand, I dashed out from the bookstore. It was a rainy spring afternoon where everyone was putting on colourful faces. As I ran, I felt so broken. I didn't look back and never did I return again.

------- 8 years later ------
I held my breath as I took a turn into the neighbourhood I spent all my early years in. First time in 7 years that I've return. For 7 years, he was the only reason i chose to return, praying the love was not lost.
The bookshop was still standing. It was the shop that looked old fashioned compared to the rest which were all painted up. I took the book in hand and stepped into the bookshop. I was speechless, nothing has ever changed. Like I was just here yesterday.
"Miss?" a young girl from the counter called.
"Huh? Oh. I want to return a book." I said and handed the book.
The girl flipped through the pages. She looked up at me and looked down at the book again. I think I knew where she was going.
"Ermm, miss, I think you should see my boss. He's at the end of there." she said.
I nodded and turned my heels as I strode towards the direction. There he was standing at that exact spot where I last left him.
"You came back." he said softly.
"All this...the shop -" I began, surprised I still had the voice to speak.
"I thought I left it be like the last time you came, you would know how to come back. Inside here, well, it's just for the memory where we fell in love." he said as he walked towards me.
Tears flow down as I placed my hands on both of his cheeks. God, he loves me. I couldn't believe how stupid I was for letting go. I smiled as I looked up.
"So, where did we last stop?" I asked with flirtatious in my eyes.
"Right here." he answered.
And we kept on kissing until he knelt on one knee down.