Monday, November 24, 2008

Guys, Don't Get Touchy Over Edward Cullen

Why do guys have to get so touchy when girls say I Love You, Edward Cullen? Guys, it's not because of him but by his quotes and expressing his love for Bella.

Tell me, how many guys have the guts or just spill out how do they really feel for their girls? Trust me, I've been through this. So far I know, NONE. Most of them would be like, 'Hey. I love you.' Fullstop. Where's the rest??? Isn't there anything else you guys feel?

I truly believe that Stephenie Meyer created Edward in such way because she felt a guy should be like him. Not afraid of showing how you truly feel. Mostly, that's what girls wants. We want to hear from guys the truth, not just smoching here and there.
Stop. The. Ego.

So you can the reason why girls are comparing right now. Tell me, if every guy was like Edward, do you even think we would compare? If every guy knows how to treat a girl right, do you think we would want nobody else but Edward?

Puh - leze, you've seen reports girls committed suicide because of her boyfriend this....her husband that. So guys, don't get so touchy here, okay?

It's merely what Girls Think Every Guy Should Be because we all know that particular guy never exist, never had and never will.

Strong Supporter of Edward Cullen & Stephenie Meyer,



aqil said...

thankyouthankyouthankyou for clarifying. it's so bloody difficult to get such a strait answer. i thank a gabazillion times! THANK YOU! and i do... confess my guts out that is...

QMcullen said...

I am a great supporter of Edward. Yes, I'm straight to the point bcz as I sai, I love Edward Cullen

rory said...

I agree tht if guys would treat a girl right ppl wont compare and dream of edward. Edward is wht a girl wants in every guy. He doesnt have to be 100 percent like him but a bit would make any girl fall for them

QMcullen said...

rory, u r so true:D

lalloya said...

wow! go qm!

C's said...

yes i knw, alliya suggested I enter polictics. haha
i love battlingX)