Friday, November 28, 2008

Here We Go Again

I'm just babbling at the moment. Really bored. I'm chatting with Sharanya and Rory. Rory had went to KLCC and she's going back tomorrow to find more Rory-s (it's an inside joke).

I doubt there would be any HOT rory-s after that day at OU. Some parts were really embarrassing but we all made it through alive! Sigh. I really hope we would get to see a night movie, there's more Rory-s.

So Sze Yan had done a trailer for Scraps to Wembley. Check it out. It's really cool! Sharanya, Gabriel is so much hotter than Jacob. Haha;DD

Whoa. Now I really love the song Super Massive Blackhole & Time is Running Out. These songs are just so cool!!!

Okay. I'm busy back. Googling pics for Sabine & Vampires=)
Yes, I kinda adore Vampires=))

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Shanya said...

hahaha- Yeah Gabriel might be hotter than was practically staring at his pic drooling to myself thinking WOW!!!
bTw qm: is this a shanya get over jacob blog??? lol
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