Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hot Guys Addict

I'm going to confess like Rory and Human Curry did. Whenever I see really hot guys, I'll be like holy moly, are they really real? It's like they are too hot, too beautiful to be on this planet. Truth is I'll go all *faints* and *sighs* when I see them. If they happen to be in my neighbourhood, I would stalk them. LOL:DDD

Here's the things of my 'this-guy-dont-exist':

1. Green eyes

2. Dark, dark hair (flat down)

3. Thin, cherry lips

4. Dimples (optional)

5. Musician (singer or guitarist)

6. White & neat teeth

7. Nice laugh

8. No-No Ego

9. Romantic (must know how to speak, not junks)

10. Really needs to understands me cause I can be mentally crazy sometimes=)

I know what I'm seeking is truly insane and impossible but I just like to wonder off and dream on my kind of guy. Haha:D
My friends and I can babble on and on about Hot Guys...but they are like sharan said...rarely Malaysians, haha. There is a never ending conversation of hot-ness of guys.

So yeah, you think there's a guy like I want above?

Show me(:

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