Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm turning Pyscho

Currently chatting with Sharan(:
Babbling about Twilight & Edward Cullen, we seriously are gushing and hovering over these two things madly!!

Honestly, I dream about Edward every single night! Like he is going to come through my window and appear beside me. Yeah, call me a mental disorder person but hey! He is freakin' damn hot!!!

Robert (the guy playing Edward) has become hot to me because of his role in playing Edward Cullen. Oh God, I just really, really want Edward!! I feel like crying now):

27 November (Malaysia release)
Bloody hell, I can't wait any longer


Shanya said... turning physcho as well over malaysia is so slowwww.....i bet u by thursday we all wud be lyke killers/mad/ ppl who havent had their twilights!!

QMcullen said...

I want Edward Cullen!!!

I want to watch Twilight now!!!!