Thursday, November 20, 2008

Internet slow, Chatting with Male & Females, Edward, Happy Birthday Mel(:

Right now, my internet sucks.
I can't upload any pics. I am so gonna ask my dad for streamyx. Ugh!

Currently, chatting with Ina, Melanee(: and Idzham. They are so cool to chat with...still pity Idzham. Sorry(: We were guiding him on being more fatter. Heh. Seriously, this dude is so skinny.

So since I can't log into other webs, I blog.

My mind is filled with Edward Cullen now...

Still I think Gaspard Ulliel or Chace Crawford should've been Edward Cullen. I think they are more good looking...with mysterious features. I root for Chace Crawford!! So hot!

Well what's done is done. Robert plays Edward and that's why I love him.

OMG, it's 12 am.

Lots of love and kisses=)


AQ said...

Well, I'm a rarity among guys to start with so yeah. But believe me, your mom spends more than I do. She has to cover groceries, gas (fuel), etc. And that list, is a one time wishlist. Other times, there is no wishlist. i put it there strictly for PMR so no, I don't shop more than your mom...

Mun Yee said...

you have a nice blog :D

QMcullen said...

AQ, hahaahah

well, no hard feellings(:

still i'll nr knw, will i?