Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love the Character, Not the Person

Okay. Let me put this straight. I've been budging by people that I'm utterly blind or better yet, brain washed for going head over heels for Edward Cullen. Pfft...what do you think I am? Born with a cuckoo brain?

If I may say, the Twilight Saga came out long before anybody knew it was Robert Pattinson who was going to play as Edward. Long before, I had fell for Edward Cullen because of his sweet charm and lovable quotes. Plus, guys won't admit that Edward is good because they know he is way better than that, and that would only spoil their egos.

Yeah...I wished that Edward had been played by a more suitable guy with a look of vamipre. There's one guy I thought about, though. The movie Four Brothers, the youngest brother (I can't remember his name), the one with the dark blonde hair...the most handsome of all. Dang! He should've been casted. Seriously, that guy is a BOMBSHELL, in my side of view. He has the look of a vampire. Even my mum said that Robert doesn't look like a vampire at all.

Oh well, that still doesn't stop me from opening Twilight Saga and read them every single day. I am so still going to watch the movie with my maniac, crazy Twilight Saga's Fans:DD Haha!!

P/S if any of you know who is that Hot Dark Blonde Guy from the Four Brothers, please tell me his name. I always miss it)=

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A Keeper said...

hi , i bet you know be or mayb enot, it's weii syuen from 3 Alpha ..
About that guy you blogged in the movie Four Brothers,he's Garrett Hedlund ..hehe i just googled him :)
Anyway, just to keep you informed on the hot guy you mentioned, oh link me at