Monday, November 24, 2008

My Seek in a Guy

First Post:

Firstly, I don't even know what the heck am I suppose to write. Moreover, how am I going to write this. Hmm. It's easier to speak. But attention, this is my seeking, so don't get offended, okay?

His attitude always catch my attention. Depending on what he does, how he reacts and do stuff could show me what type of person he really is. I would want him to be all the good boy stuff...but please, maintain your status as a man. Don't sway here and there.

If I were to see a guy, I would search for his face first. I would be lying if I say look doesn't count. Look is what makes the ball roll. Everyone's tatse in looks are different. He must be good looking from all angles and handsome, cute...but my friends said I'm more of pretty boys & bad boys.

If I were to see a guy from the back, the first thing I would see is his butt. Haha:D I don't know why but yes, it's true. Then from there, I would judge. Please don't ask how I judge.

Then, I would go onto his eyes and lips. I like guys whose eyes and lips are the highlights of their features. I prefer green eyes and thin, cherry lips. Then, his smile, voice and laughter. That depends on how I look at them.

But I want a guy who is a musician...who plays the guitar or sings. I love musicians guys. I really, really do. It seems romantic to me. LOL:D He must at least know how to sing one of my favourite songs=)

And the Hair!!!
Wash it. Comb it. Groom it.
Make sure it looks proper & nice. And it doesn't smells! The same goes for the ordour. Put on some cologne. I love guys who smell really good. xoxo

He must be funny, sweet, understanding and caring. Lovable. But I usually fall for the bad boys and go after the pretty boys;)) Oh by the way, watch out for you sense of fashion. Cause sometimes it really turns people off by the way you dress.

Yes. I know. Edward Cullen. But he doesn't exist. I just want a guy who has some bits of Edward's affection and love, then I'm totally head over heels. I love a guy who can spill out his he feels and thinks without feeling embarrass. He must never forget my birthday at all. A simple plant of kiss will do just fine as long as he remembers=)

Sorry if you have to read this, it must be demanding. LOL.
There's more to come((:

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