Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The One & Only STALKERS

This is The Stalkers. Haha. Laugh if you want but shit yeahh, we are here. Valerie & Clasky were the newbies this year. They met up with the other two finding that they all had the same chemistry that bounded our brains and unlogical minds together. Ohh, they are nothing like what you think.


Vocalist - Natasha

She has this really out going, funny and hyper personality that life would simply be dull without her. This is how much i love you((: haha Her voice is a wow-wow! But sometimes I think she control herself too much. That is especially controlling herself in an embarrassing situation.

Guitarist - Valerie

Punk, Funk, Junk =P Haha. She has the latest update info and incredible sense of humour. Fun to joke and laugh with but seriously, don't ever cross her. Love her but yeah, beware her. Simply simple but demands high:D

Bassist - Clasky

Quiet, Mean, Blur, Crazy =| She was born to cause trouble and break her bones. Clumsiness is the number on nature in her so don't even bother asking her to jump a drain of a 5 cm radius. Easy to be with but she has an incredible mean, unfriendly temper for strangers and enemies. Yeahh, she's the meaniest of them all!

Drummer - Chole

Simply adorable & chubby. She has the pealing, unstoppable laugh. Laughs at everything, anything even if it doesn't really connects to the human brain at all. She loves The Strokes like hell, I suppose she would go to hell with them. p/s we all think she puts everything with: matthew-loves-alliya-forever-and-ever

Dang! We Rock?


Shanya said...

hahaha..control too much?? believe me i think u've seen what happens if i dont control...ahaha..its like radioactive if uncontrolled...
u cant live without moi?? awww so sweet hahaha...
*p.s. i look way nerdito in the pic..hahaha
**p.p.s comment me bak:)

QMcullen said...

hahha! :D
sry but yeah,
still i love u!!