Friday, November 7, 2008

Race & Religion are Never the Obstacles

I still remember far back when I was only 7 years old. It was my first day of my very first school. You couldn't believe how excited and nervous I was. To cut it short, my class teacher placed us to our new seats. I was seated next to a cute and small Chinese girl.

Well, I won't mention her name, so I'll put her as Sally. I smiled at her like I do to other kids but what shocked me was she glared at me and looked away with her nose up high. I felt stabbed. What had I done, I thought. This thing went on until the final year. By next year, she was transfered out.

It didn't end there, though. Throughout my primary school years, I didn't have any close friends at all, especially in my class. I had only 1 best friend, who I still keep in touch til today(= Still, it hurt when I was always left out in activities and games. Being the only Muslim girl in class, people just treat me like I'm from Mars except for a few of them who respected who I am and I for always salute them.

It was then as I grew older and more mature that I realize it was my race and religion that had been the issue. I was shocked by it. I'm from a mixed parentage background. My dad's a Malay and my mum's a Chinese. My parents always taught me to never judge people based on their colour and religion. Here I am, being one of the victims.

But when I entered secondary school, things were better. People there respect me for who I was. In the end, I had best friends from different races and religions. To me, they are all the same, it's what they do that define them.

Right now, thinking back, my primary school years had been bitter. When my schoolmates cried on graduation day, I didn't shed a tear for I had no shoulders to cry on. But now, I'm seeing a happy and cheerful life, laughing with my friends.

I just hope that those people who are enduring the same thing I had gone through, be strong and don't lose faith in yourself. When there is bad, there is good. Treating people based on their backgrounds are ridiculously wrong. Because I believe God has created people from all sorts of colours and mixtures for a reason, and that is: learn to respect and accept other differences.


Shanya said...

very deep..very touching..and very true...
we shud never base ppl on their race & religion.....:)

love yah QM,

QMcullen said...

like us!!!