Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight Fever - Still HIgh Of It

Ina, Sharanya, Alliya, Sze Yan and I watched Twilight today! ARHHH!!!!
Hahaha LOL ;DD
The movie was great. Edward wasn't so good looking at first but he got his ground when he was flying at the trees and when he wore the thick blue jacket. It was ah-mazing!!!
But I was disappointed that they edited and cut many scenes. They changed the plot, the places and time. I wished they followed the book if not it wouldn't have ended so fast! I am still truly disappointed. But whatever, it was still nice.
They missed a lot of Edward's quotes!!! UGHHH!!!!
I was so looking forward for his lovable quotes. And they missed the part he said I LOVE YOU and...god! So many other quotes!!!
Don't get me wrong. I love the movie so much. Edward, Jasper, Carlisle....were freaking hot!!! Jasper was WOOT WOOT. Carlisle was OH MY GAWD!!! I didn't expect him to be that HOT!!!
Jacob looks really ugly in the long hair. Sorry, sharanya.
I hope New Moon, they won't cut and edit because I love and want the original story. Stephenie Meyer's original plot, not like Twilight which really disappointed me. The people in the cinema were also sighing in disappointment.....but in the end, it's Twilight=)
Alice was pretty(:


aqil said...

Sorry. I'll stop messing arnd with Twilight.

rory said...

so fun

C's said...

yes so fun:D

& yess, stop messing with Twilight. TQ=)

Shanya said...

hahaha not forgiven lol...jacobs HOT!!!! well bt i do agree he needs lesser HAIR!!! bt for part time im a JASPER AND EMMETT all the way :))))