Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight. OMG, I still can't get over it!

I still so can't freaking believe I'm gonna watch Twilight on its first day of release! It's - argh!!!! Grrr, I still can't wait.
At first, Alliya went online but it said all fully booked. We were all so angry! Then, I suggested my mum is going to One U tomorrow so then, she will buy for us. But knowing us, obsess teens of Twilight & Edward, we didn't feel safe. Konon. So, Alliya called for phone reservation although we were pretty sure we would be ending up disappointed as usual.
Amazingly, she got through!!! She claimed it was a robot speaking device, of course I believed her. LOL. Still, we weren't at ease. My parents kept on saying it's already confirmed, now would you please calm down before you get hysteria?
My dad: Have you friend gave the person her number?
I said: It was a robot.
My dad: Whatever. Robot. Human. Vampire. Did she?
I said: Yes. She gave.
My dad: Did that thing said yes?
I said: Ermm, wait! I don't know -
My dad: She gave the number so it's confirmed! Just collect the tickets an hour before the movie starts.
I said: Pheww!
My dad: What of movie is this? Making you having sleepless nights.
I said: Edward Cullen
My dad: Who?
I said: Oh! It's that vampire guy. He's so sweet, handsome and -
My dad: Okay, okay. I heard it the first moment you open the book. So
tired of hearing you saying that.
I really pity my dad for needing to hear this day and night. I never stop babbling about Twilight since I knew it was being made into a movie. And I neevr stop babbling my love for Edward Cullen the moment I read the book. My mum thinks I'm overreacting...hmm I wonder how would she react if she was my age, reading this.
I still can't get hold of Sharanya. That girl! Been calling her for times and still won't pick up. She needs to hear the news!
The GREAT GRAND news!!!
I just so bloody can't wait!!! I'm just so HAPPY!!! :DDDDD
TWILIGHT, here we cooomeeeee!!!!!!!!


rory said...

wait! the robot suppose to give the number of our reservations to her not she given her num to it rite?

faez said...

a robot?haha
btw, thanks for your opinion.
really appriciate it:)