Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vampires the Cause of Chaos

Do Vampires really exist? If they do, who was their creator? If they don't, I wish someone could make one...

If Vampires are real, do they really live on blood to live? Are they really that harmful & dangerous to us?

Then, are they still considered as humans? Would they have the same human emotions and reactions in whatever they do?

According to myths, they would be extremely strong and unbreakable. You mean like superman?

How long can they live? 200? 500? 1,000? Forever?

How do they survive through all these if one day they would be found? I'm sure they would be experimented...even so, will there be a war of Vampires vs. Humans??

If some of them had chose to share a life with humans, is that wrong as it apply to tiger and lion together?

Truth is, I don't even give a damn. If I had a chance, I might convert myself, even though there's no turning back.
I need to go to Rehab


Shanya said...

hahaha..i want those teeth..muahahahah

QMcullen said...

i want to be a Cullen!