Monday, November 24, 2008

Westlife, the Best Band

Kian, Shane, Nicky, Mark

These guys totally rock my world. They are 10 years old in the Westlife band today. Happy Birthday Westlife!!! (=

I began to like Westlife when my mum gave me their first CD, I think I was only six that time. Being still fresh & innocent, I loved them from the first moment their voices poured out from the speakers. Truth is they are the best singers I've ever heard until now. I could recognize their voices without even need to look at them. Their voices are the only ones in this entire universe. But Mark's voice has the melting chocolate voice (LOL) that it is the most beautiful voice in the world.

For one thing, they are Irish. And I love Irish guys, I don't know why. From my perspective, they have some really sexy accent, names and looks. I love Shane Filan from Westlife. One, he has Green eyes. Two, he's the most handsome one. Three, he has an amazing smile. Sadly, he's married and has a daughter)= Oh, whatever. He's still mine!!!

People who first met me, asked, 'So who's your favourite singer or band?'

'Westlife.' I said.

Then, they would stare at each other, eyes popping out, jaw hanging down. Like, they couldn't believe what they've just heard. Don't believe me? Ask Sharanya and Ina. They were there when that happened. Sharanya claimed that her mind was all 'cricket singing' when I mentioned Westlife. But now, it's all good, they accepted that I'm a bit old fashioned, Haha:D

But their songs are truly amazing if you just listen to the lyrics carefully. Read it and then, you'll know why. That's also if you are the type who love lyrics then music, and not the other way around.


rory said...

I was like Westlife? humm
cool? hahaha
But I had people looking at me like im insane when I talk about MUSE
you were like omg shes obsess

Aqil said...

you're not old fashioned. I am. I like 80's rock. that's old fashioned.

QMcullen said...

i knw that feeling

aqil said...

I can't put a number on how many would but I'd say at least one. Me. I know it sounds bloody vain but I raised the bar on how to propose. Majority of the guys will ask via SMS. Being a cheapskate, I proposed personally but of course I had to make it memorable. I'm a romantic, not a jerk

Shanya said...

hahaha*crickets ringing*
but at least ur not given a hard time .........ina is always on my pop case.......but now she seems to be joining in the fun(singing katy perry and all)hahaha.dont tell her that though

aqil said...

personally, i'm hurt at that statement even though its true coz i feel alone in the world. am i the only one who can speak his mind?! Why do guys behave like they have no balls?! if i'm not mistaken, girls don't like a wimp of a guy, am i right?

QMcullen said...

aqil: hmm, very something i see. Glad to finally find a guy who knws the right way of doing things (I hope)