Monday, November 24, 2008

Where, where. Where could They be?

I'm not doing anything important at the moment. Just googling some hot male models at the moment, I'm bored. Like I said, Hot Guys are never boring(=
So if you are reading this, I'm sorry cause I'm just babbling some stupid, boring stuff. Still, I'm finding a really HOT male model but it seems pretty hard. Hmm...
Yes, I'm counting down the days to Twilight! Haha:D How many times must I mention this? It seems that I'll never get over it, sigh. I can't focus on anything right now because I'm too eager to watch the movie!
On Twilight Day, my friends and I are going to dress specificly. Although Alliya kept pestering Ina to wear leggy/shorts, it seemed that Ina still stood her ground to be the only normal human in our group on that day. FYI, I'm gonna be the all black from head to toe one, yeah, EMO. Haha, I'm not, I just love black(:
Okay, I'm gonna continue on my search for a Hot Male Model. I'll babble again once I'm done. Haha!
As if I'm ever done with googling for Hot Guys((:


Shanya said...

hahaah dun worry i'm gon na be looking way human as well........ hoping on al's pro make up skills to do the job....hahahah

QMcullen said...

hahaha!! :DD
maybe we cud end on jobs for finding hot guys for girls or modelling agnecies, LOL

you knw how good we are;)