Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cartoons Which Laugh

I was looking through the channels on the TV and realize how boring they were airing. Totally Spies, Ben 10, Kim Possible...these are NOT cartoons - as in the meaning of cartoon anyway. These cartoons in this century are all thinking type. Like, you have to use your brain to think and understand as they speak.

C'mon! Where did all the black & white, mute cartoons went? The ones we used to laugh even though we can't hear but see through their action. Those were the good old days where people can sit in front of the TV for hours without get bored. Now, every few minutes, the channel would change.

These are the TRUE cartoons/shows. No matter how old they are, they never fail to give tons of laughter :D

The Adams Family

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Fairy Odd Parents

Spongebob Square Pants


ayuniG said...

yes ure rite! i miss the adam;s family :(

QM said...

me too);

Double A said...
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Double A said...

haha i miss watching the adams family. anyway darl, if u wanna read my blog gotta give ur blogspot email. write ur email there okay? cheers ;)

rory said...


Azimah Van Der Vaart said...

i miss all the shows.