Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dead Who Loves

The river of spring calls your name,
over and over like a milky way.
I called you over the way I do,
through shattering pieces that I could bear.

For I have known, for what you said,
there is no happily ever after,
for love stories never end.
Here I am, flowing tears,
were they just stories to lie a love?

The eyes I have once known,
shone back at me as though seeing past me.
The lips I have once touched,
seemed to lost its magic of touch want.
I stared back,
the deep down end for I have knew.

So I kissed you goodnight,
just like every other nights,
where I would curl up in my chain of love.
Except this time,
I stood by you, fighting back tears
as I watch you embraced the replacement for me.

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