Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas

I'm like so bored. All of my friends are off the line. I just finished watching Ghost Whisperer all 3 seasons, waiting for the season 4 CDs. Sigh. Anyway, I was imagining Edward in that Twilight before Christmas at Juice Box. Man, he's sure is gay.

I like the part when he said, "Everything about me invites you beard, my belly, my red suit..." Haha:D HAHAHAHA!!! Gross yet hilarious. Dimlight was soooo bloddy stupid!

My list of Christmas Wishes:

1. A guy like Edward Cullen

2. Maybe Edward Cullen himself will do

3. Be on the day President Bush was terrorize with a pair of shoes

4. Having the power to pick teachers in school (u know what I mean)

5. Wanna act in Pirates of the Carribean, Twilight, Harry Potter & THE JUICE BOX

6. I want to be Lindsay Lohan for a day to feel what is like to be part girl & a lesbo

7. My tongue is able to touch the tip of my nose

8. I can jump and fall without breaking my bones

9. Chocolate...including Hagen Daaz choc chip (:

10. Experience all four seasons (I left spring -- one more!)

11. Able to read people's minds & have supernatural powers like in the Covenant

12. Can speak Spanish, Irish & Danish

13. Black Forest Choc & Delifrance Beef Lasagna!

1 comment:

aqil said...

talk about tall order. I think even Santa will need therapy after that... Be careful, you don't want to give him a heart attack..