Monday, December 8, 2008

Differences is Acceptable

I really don't know what to do right now. So I'll just blog and please, this might drain your brain upside down cause I'll be babbling unimportant stuff.

So I'm using my grandpa's laptop since mine is already kantoi. Pfft. I'm chatting with Rory which is good cause she and  I are having some really smokin' arse gossip. Lol :DD Anyway it's something that we've been at it quite a while since we started blogging. 

I'm in youtube watching Chris Crocker. He's a really cool guy...girl or gay, whatever you want to call him. He's gay, dressed as a woman but he still keeps his sexual male organs, and please be open minded. I hate it when people get all excited when this topic is brought up.

This Chris Crocker is a very very cool guy which most of my friends agreed. He has his own ground, pride, dignity, bravery & fashion. That's why I salute him. He's been reportedly been bullied - as in people find him disgusting and so on, I pity him.

It's a free country where he comes from unlike here - if you compare Malaysia and the US, you get what I mean. 

Have you read the recent ban on yoga and tomboys? This is ridiculous. From my point of view, you can't stop people from doing things they want if their hearts are already set at their own places. It's like asking a girl to marry a man she doesn't love whereas her heart belongs to another man. Eventually nothing works out. And I believe yoga doesn't make Muslims break their faiths in their own religion. If that's the case, they should ban smoking and those revealing their bodies parts clothing.

Make sense

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aqil said...

Curious in Edward, eh? Umm... I'd have to say yes. To a certain extent, yes. On the sensible side, I like that he has that gentleman feel. A trait most boys should pick up. I'm doing my best to. For a while actually. Other than that, I like his reflexes. It'd be awesome to be able to drive above 100m/ph without having to look at the road. Then there's his vampire side. You can see that despite all his violent tendencies, he recognizes that Bella is the one who can calm him down. Like when he rescued Bella and then took her for dinner.