Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gay Hot Dudes

Today I went to Ampang Point. I was with my grandma and sister eating at Delifrance. Then my grandma went off to buy her clothes. We waited for her. Then right before my eyes two hot mat sallehs entered a camera shop. Hagahaga...They were wearing uniforms, still schooling, I think. One of them reminded me of Prince Harry.

I just kept on stealing glances at them even my sis thought they were hot. Pfft. C'mon. How often do you get to sit down, eating your lasagna and having hot guys standing a few feet away from you. It's a true blessing.

So then, my grandma came back. I had to go upstairs to get my laptop that was for service. The Hot Guys were about to leave anyway. I went up one floor and came down back. As I was turning into the corner, guess who? Yeap. Them.

I bumped into them. Like two more steps and I'll be face flat. They were like mumbling sorry but I was dazzled! Hahaha:DD I thought I might faint but I quickly walked away. Then they took the elevator down.

Then I sat down and recalled back. That guys were standing and looking at something. I nearly laughed out loud. Guess what?

They were looking through a beauty saloon for women who do facials & stuff. Rory was like I knew something must go wrong. Gay.


aqil said...

women's beauty salon eh? maybe they were waiting for someone. but you never know, you could be right. I ran into a gay couple in Cold Storage BSC the other day. A mat salleh and a chinese. they kept grabbing each other's butts... i didn't know whether to laugh or go for some intense psycho-therapy...

rory said...

hahah i thought guys like to touch other guys private parts. I ve seen that a lot in class

idzy said... mat salehs

lol lina...

C's said...


omg ina =0 anyway yeah, I've seen that too, lol