Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy, uh, Sad gonna-be New Year

Tomorrow is Christmas's eve. The following day is Christmas! Yay! I can't wait to open my present/presents. Thank God one of my aunt is Christian. But we don't celebrate it big, just a small one with a fake Christmas tree and presents underneath it. Not that I actually care as long I get my present. LOL :D

Anyway, my siblings and I would spending Christmas and New Year's day with my aunties and uncle and grandparents(my mum's side) since my parents would be holidaying in Taiwan with my other uncle and aunt. They would only return home on 3rd Jan. Sigh.

So I would be stuck at my aunt house in PJ starting tomorrow onwards til 3rd Jan. Then, on the 3rd, my sis and I along with my grandma(my dad's side) would be watching Mamma Mia! The Musical! Yipeee!!! I can't believe my grandma actually bought the tickets. Well the price was really expensive but seeing how desperate my sis and I were, she called up one day and broke the news. I love you so much, Mak Tok! Argh! That reminds me...PMR results! C'mon. Spit it out. When is it going to be release? I have been having restless nights. God, help me.


rory said...

heee~~ I hope next year's better

QM said...

yeah, i hope nxt yr is soooo much, much better

Shanya said...

i'm scared for next year!!!! arghhhhh

QM said...

im scared too!
but we have 2 b brave!

jst that we wud b in diff class);