Tuesday, December 9, 2008

History 'Breaking' of Mine

I am always the wild and troublemaker in the family or so I am claimed. I always do the stupid stunts. Above was what I had in mind. But as far as I achieved was jumping and falling.
I broke my first bone when I was 5 years old. I was jumping on the sofa and landed on the edge of the table. Resulting a broken nose.

This is not my X-ray but it's close. I broke my second bone, my toe, at the age of 9. I was jumping on the bed and fell off.

This is not mine either but it was exactly like this when I broke my third bone at the age of 11. I was running and trip over a drain, breaking my left foot. In the end, my 'foot' was all filled with artworks especially from my father who taught it was a good lesson for me to start acting like a decent girl.

Then, I broke my chin when I was cycling at the age of 14. I lost control of my bike and fell into a big drain. I didn't really fell to the end because my chin landed on the edge of the drain which partly saved me from more broken bones but ended up with a disfigured jaw for a few months.

My parents were like if you can't stop breaking bones, you might just end up like that (up). They were furious because I can't be a decent young lady like my younger sister who always have everything organized and always out of trouble. My dad was rather frustrated because I beaten his record of injury. Pfft. Encouragement konon.
I am trying my best to stop breaking myself anymore further. But if you really know me, that's impossible. Just praying but still I want to do some more risky acts.
Next I wanna do sky diving, if only my parents would let.


lalloya said...

qm n her breaking bones.

C's said...


im betting on not breakin anymore!