Friday, December 12, 2008

Horrible Hairs Must Be Fix

Yeah, I fin'ly restyle my hair!! Hahha:DD I guess the reason I'm kinda excited it's because it' been nearly 3 years I have kept the same hair style. Phew!

Speaking of hairstyle, I really wish Robert Pattinson would do something about his hair. E.g. -

The Bad Hair

The Much Better Hair

Really, if my guy was like Robert with the Bad Hair, I would never touch his hair...or even go out with him! My first sight in guys are with fabulous hair...&& good smell.

So yeah, I really wish that Robert would fix his hair in the those Much Better Hair's pics(:


rory said...

i think rob pattinson looks cute masa cedrig ble tgk balik

Shanya said...

wuhhoo in new hairstyles out with the old.... rob does need a haircut and so does jacob!!!

C's said...

rory, so true

shanya, yes, both of thm needs hairstlying BADLY