Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Dreamt About...

Last night was the worst dream I ever heard, and weird. It was so weird that I couldn't imagine that I dreamt it. Well, it's kinda hilarious though.

So my first dream was about Obama. Yes, Obama!!! Hahahhaa:D I don't know why but I actually dreamt about him.

I dreamt that he came to my school. My friends were there...but I only remembered seeing Thira clearly. I can't really recall it. But I knew he was there to teach us, more of like, a lecturer. There was a screen and he taught us from there! Hhaha:D And he was there for more than half of a day. Freaky but cool:D

Then, I had the my worst dream that any students who were waiting for their PMR results could have. I dreamt that everyone was in school and then, our results were coming out. They were calling our names one by one.

I saw Weng Hong, Shaun & Arvin(sorry if the names are mispelled, I don't really know) - the top genuises. They of course, scored all A's. I don't remember seeing my friends there. But surprisingly, I saw Marisa, my old friend. But the weird thing was she is studying at an international school now, well, it was a dream but I didn't feel weird seeing her.

When it came to my turn, gawd. I nearly died. I got only 6 A's!!! Argh!!!!
Then, I got 3 B's, huh. B's for Sivic, Art & Geografi. So now I'm scared I'll get B for Geo but I never sat for Sivic & Art papers, so slightly relived. But it was sooo real! That I was glad I woke up.

I remember seeing my mum in my dream. She was utterly dissapointed in me. =/ Gawd, I hope I would never dream such dream again. It's a total nightmare!


Shanya said...

How Absurdly WEIRD!!! We dreamt benda sama mcm it felt all to surreal kan!!!

QM said...

yes! i knwww. It's horrible:/