Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Lads of God

Today is Christmas's Eve! My dad had baked some chocolate rolls for tonight's dinner. Anyway, I'm not here for babbling about Christmas. I think I'm gonna babble about my love - Westlife(:

Okay. So basically they aren't like the young group. They are what most people say 'Old Group' as in maybe our mothers only hear them. Shut up! I love them! Get that straight. I get really defensive & piss when people criticize them just because they are 'old', as if, and saying that their music is too slow. Well maybe it's just because people's taste in music are different. So sit back and shut up if you don't have anything nice to say.

They were formed some years back, I should be six years old that time I think. I began listening to them when I was eight or nine. Maybe younger. Simon Cowell is the man who advice them or a better word, tell them which song has to be sung. Even I was surprised that Simon Cowell actually helps and manage a boy band.

Actually before this, Westlife had 5 members. Some years back, Bryan left the group. I heard news that Westlife had a hard time but they eventually regroup and stayed strong. Phew!

Currently, Westlife is UK's one of the most successful and famous band. Their albums never failed to get the number ONE spot in UK's billboard except one time - that's only once! Now, they might the next legendary group after ABBA!! They have one more hit in the number ONE spot to beat Elvis Presley!! Goo WESTLIFE!

So you see, they don't have to be like those rock bands or Chris Brown in order to be number one. They just have to sing the songs that are them, eventually people who feels they way they do, like me(: would love them. You should really listen to their songs. They are incredible!

You have to know the lyrics in order to understand wha t they're trying to say. Believe me, if you're a sensitive one, some songs can make you cry. If you're a strong one, you try hard not to cry. The most favourite song for me is Unbreakable. Listen to it! It's beautiful and heart soul.

Til then, I am a forever Westlife MEGA SUPER DUPER fan!
I love you, Westlife
p/s. the guy I like is, Shane Filan, the one with the green eyes(;


Azimah Van Der Vaart said...

lol seriously Simon Cowell? That's surprising.

QM said...

i knww!
i thought simon was ruled out of boy bands