Friday, December 26, 2008

Living It Once

It's already 26 Dec. PMR results are out on 30th Dec. Shit! Well it's quite a relief that the results date is known already. I'm so scared and nervous to collect it. On the bright side is that my parents are on holiday in Taiwan and will only be back on 3rd Jan 2009. So my grandma would follow me instead, she never nags or scold me(;

Still, before my parents flew off, my dad happened to read the newspaper on that day and the result day was shown. So my mum called and said, "When you get your result, sms me. If not, I would call." Dammit!

So now, I would say goodbye to all of you if I don't make it :|

Sigh. I never knew being a teenage can be so stressful & sometimes, fearful. Not that I don't enjoy my youth but seriously, UPSR, PMR, SPM, maybe STPM and then A' Levels - O' Levels...more levels and exams. Gawd!

After you finish your U, you have to find a job. After you find a job, it's time for looking a mate. After you marry, you have kids. After you retire, you're old and fragile. Directly, this shows to everyone. Look, this is not based on each and every one of you; it's just what I'm seeing and yes, of course, babbling(;

So most of the time, you're tied up with a routine. But I don't want to be like that. I want something more, you know, challenges and adventures. I hate sticking to something, it's so dull. Do some stupid & risky stuff sometimes but please, watch the risk meter. So now, I can proudly say, "Been there, done that". LOL. It's okay to embarrass yourselves once in a while, at least you would finally experience something ONCE in your lifetime.

So if people say, "C'mon. That's stupid, don't do that." or "It's risky. You might get hurt".
Just say, "I live only once. I might as well use it up."

Cause that's what I always do. Just that, I do without thinking. Hahhahaa.


babbler said...

Thanks for coming over to Adventures of Mr. Slug and friends! I like your blog, it has a nice honesty, I can tell you are an interesting person. I especially like your post about not saying the words, "Get a life."

Melanee said...

Yeah. Sometimes I feel that life is so stale. It's like, almost everyone follow the life routine. College, Uni, Job, Marriage, Retirement and Death. Nothing special.

QM said...

thank u, mrs. slug(:

QM said...

mel, i knwww

i wish life can b wht u wan it to be

Shanya said...

yup same old same old stuff in life ...../ we need more thrilss kan??!!

QM said...

hahaha! we need more rorys...!