Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Juice Box

I finally realize why my mum says 'Close your mouth at all time'.
I mean, look at this! C'mon, it's a total embarrassment. It's as though signalling some flies to zoom in & have a slumber-in-the-human-cave signal.

This is an animal torture! Well not that I care cause my uncle dyed his poodle in rainbow colours(: Haha:D I find this rather stupid & immature.
Just be thankful that the dog actually obliged to model for us.

The cat says:
I'm coming...I'm coming...
Here I com- Uff!!!
Damn, I should trusted my sixth sense. Hey, I'm actually sticking on the wall!
Yeah, take the pic of me, I'm gonna show it to my grandchildren one day on how I earned the name of Flying-then-Stick-On Cat

You had a bad day, You take it one down,
You sing a rockin' song, to flush it down
Say you don't mind, it happens all the time,
Work it all day, to earn the night.

I was bored, okay??!


rory said...

u must b really bored

C's said...

i was!

i like d song i did
& that cat