Monday, December 22, 2008

No, no. Say Portugese

Basically I went to Sunway Pyramid with my family. We ate at some chepskate restaurant, LOL. Then, my mum did her shopping. Grunts.

You can't believe how long can she shops! It's like she can go back to the same place without getting bored. So the last stop was L'O citanne...erm I can't really spell it. But who cares.

So then, I was sitting outside the shop with my sis. My dad and bro were sitting further upside. We were chatting empty talks when two chinese ladies approached us since we were like youngsters. Cough* I think.

She started off like, "You have a minute?" I just stared at her so she took it as a yes.
Then she started babbling about the importance of Christmas & Jesus Christ. She was spilling all out without a full stop. Then she handed me a postcard.

"Do you know Jesus Christ?" she asked at one point. "And what is Christmas all about?"

It didn't matter cause she just continued without needing my answer. Then I look at the card, it said for non muslims only. My sis saw that too. No wonder neither of us could understand whatever crap she was saying.

"Is this for non-muslims?" I finally spoke.

"Urm, yes."

I smiled. "We're muslims."

Both of them looked at me. && FYI, I was dressed like some punk chick. Black min skirt, black leggy, black sleevless top...I actually looked pretty emo.

"Are you Malaysians?" they asked.


They looked again. "I'm a Malay - Chinese." I answered.

They went like OooHH....but their faces were like not going to buy it. Ah, fuck it.

My mum came to know. She baffled at my answer, "Why didn't you just say you're a Portugese?"

Portugese eh? I didn't know I was that hideous. Hah!


Shanya said...

hey ronaldo's a portugese lah wey... hahaha not like thats helping.... emo chick.....
lets find other hot portugeese AHHHHHHHHHHHHH DECO!!!!

C's said...

hahaa LOL:D

im stickin 2 irish

athirah said...

haha so funny ;D

"Is this for non-muslims?" I finally spoke.

"Urm, yes."

I smiled. "We're muslims."

rory said...

hahaha portuguese. Kaka speaks portuguese. And ronaldo aint hot

C's said...

Kinda stupid.
ahha boo ronaldo!
yeah for kaka!