Saturday, December 27, 2008

Racism Still Wonders Around Us

After you watched this video, then you only see what I'm writing.

OMG. I can't believe these people actually still exist. They teach their children to hate black people and other races, except whites. This is completely insane & unacceptable!

Okay. Let's just start with the main fact: WHY PEOPLE STILL JUDGE BASED ON COLOURS???

People cannot choose what colours they want to be born with. It's all in God's hands. Still, what does it matter how dark or fair their skins are? Just because they are darker don't mean they are bad or kind. If they are fair, that don't mean they are nicer or rude. Because you CAN'T judge people by their colours or religions; it's what they do, think & attitude you judge them from.

When I watch this video, I couldn't help but get so mad! Teaching their kids to hate blacks, to avoid blacks and to wipe out blacks from their country. Where did the human mind went so wrong and backward?? And he actually ask Tyra Banks to bring all the African-Americans back to Africa. What the hell is this?!

So here. I'm a Malay-Chinese. I'm a Muslim. My parents, who are both different races taught me to never judge people by their skins and religions. Accept them for who they are. Befriending and loving someone whose worlds are totally opposite of you is NOT WRONG and NOT SINFUL. This is HOW PEOPLE SHOULD THINK.

Some people think darker skin people are "badder". It's just an old thinking way that the darker you are, the uglier you are. But look now, come on. We are in the 21st Century. Think like one! Don't repeat the same mistakes that our ancestors had made. We need to learn from the past.

Okay. If some of you still don't agree with me on this. Then, answer me this.


Same goes to the religion. Don't friend or dislike someone because of their religions. We all must learn to accept different beliefs and respect that. If they believe in Jesus, send them a Christmas Card. If they believe in Buddhism, say Gong Xi Fa Chai(;

So yeah, to THAT family above. I don't know who in the right mind would follow your footsteps. So I hope you are really reading this! I look down on you, I disrespect you and you disgust me by the contents of your brain.

People, please bear in mind that this attitude, learning or whatever you wanna call it is UNACCEPTABLE. It's plain RUDE, DISGUSTING and HORRIBLE.

'Never judge a book by its cover'.

p/s. I'm sorry if I was a little too over. I was too pissed off


rory said...

i can't believe that there are such people. so cruel no empathy at all

QM said...

i knw! I can't believe they still have the guts to say that on TV!

Charymien said...

this is a very interesting post!

Melanee said...

These people disgusts me. & they are trying to make their children exactly like them. I think they seriously need some psychiatric help!

Kimmy said...

OMG! That is completely disgusting! I know these people are out there but until you actually see them in action opening their mouths, it's just shocking!!

BTW...thanks for following me :o)

Aqilah said...

I feel srry fr them. I really do. haha! They should be more open-minded lah.

Shanya said...

Ridiculous but there are ppl like this outside there!!! and they just disgust me and they should be looked down at!!1 These kinda ppl are sick in every way possible !

pap said...

sheash. where did you get that from?

QM said...

my fren showed me. sucks, i knw