Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stop Saying Those 3 Words!

Get a life!

Can I ask you why do some people say that? What is so obvious that one particular person doesn't have a life? Since when do you have the right to say that?

Get a life, indirectly, telling that person that what he or she does is useless, wasteful & stupid. That's how I feel and what most people think. Some might take it lightly but not me, cause I can't stand it when people say that. It really insulting, immature, immoral & rude. I don't care if you were not directing to me or I-didn't-ask-you-to-look-at-this, I still see it and it pisses me off!

So what if that person is doing some stupid job that could end his life? So what if that person is SO OBSESS with something that people think he lost his mind? Why do you even question it when you can't even find the reason why he is doing so?

If someone says I'm going to jump down this bridge, of course, you would automatically try to stop him because everyone knows that taking your own life is wrong.
But what if someone says I'm so obsess with Twilight that I 'm gonna watch it 10 times! Are you going to say "Get a life" because of that?

If someone is a Gothic or simply like to dress emo, now, I always hear this. People would say, "Jesus, get a life!" Ugh!! I would automatically defend them even though I don't know them. Look here, those are their bodies, not yours. Those are their styles, not yours. So SHUT UP.

Let me make this clear. Watching or doing something over and over again doesn't indicates that someone has no life. If it makes them happy, let them be. Besides, what part of they do make them so fake? Obsession is just another human being's lust. Nobody can't deny it. Maybe you don't realize it but yes, everyone does.

Fine, fine. It's a free world where eveyrone can do and say what they like. As if. America always says this is a free land. Note: they forgot to add with laws, rules & barriers which all of you most follow no matter what. Criminals get jailed for rape, abuse and robbery.

Well, those get-a-life people would not have to face the law cause in the eyes of the law, that's just plain rude. But in the society world, you would lose your respect as much as I have lost for those of you.

So please, bear in mind. Those people who keeps saying that, STOP! You should be ashame for being such a fool.

Everyone has a life. They are just, different from yours. So please respect that.

Thank you.


rory said...

wow! I agree with this 100% you are so totally correct

QM said...

hahaa, tq rory(;

Miszza said...

agreed with u. ; )

pap said...

lol. you do make sense qm.
thanks for the lesson. will bear that in mind next time.


athirah said...

haha teringat mike ;p

QM said...

mr hot is not on my snog list

Azimah Van Der Vaart said...

that make sense.

QM said...

i cud actually win a debate on this


babbler said...

Usually when someone says "Get a life," they are talking about themselves, or they would not be so focused on someone else's life. Insecurity causes people to say things to make themselves feel better, like a bully who taunts people but is insecure themself. To those people, I say, "The day you can walk on water is the day you have the right to judge others." Enjoy your youth, and the adventure of growing every day. With Love, from Mrs. Slug

QM said...

Mrs. Slug, thank u vry much. Your point is true. I agree with you(:

I hope ppl wud stop saying those 3 words, it's rather painful to hear

Shanya said...

It is painful to hear but it relli depends i guess. Bt i totally agree psl the goth and its their lifestyle:)