Saturday, December 6, 2008

Things I Want Badly

- to see Edward Cullen appear by my bed side

- meeting Westlife

- to meet my Romeo

- able to walk in space

- having Fairy Odd Parents

- time machine

- supernatural powers

- travel the whole world

- meet Manchester United players

- rich, fame, glory. LOL


aqil said...

Umm... The reason I like Twilight is because it's nice to see a girl's opinion on what a guy should be. Plus to know that I fit it (seriously)... i don't quite follow what you mean by "&& do u prefer edwar more to bella? as in u wish u "had" edward..."

Shanya said...

oh yeah qm i posted a quiz kat my blog and it spread hugely......
i got an alice!!!!
lina got bella!!!!
and so many others have taken it bt i posted it first hehehhe :D
oh yeah i wanna meet ManU payers too!!!!

hit me back

zain said...

aww i have things i want badly too.but we can't all have what we want can we?eventually though.haha