Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yes Man! No Man!

Yes Man! Hahaha. The movie is hilarious. It's kinda like partly Mr Bean and partly Epic movie type. But starting was like, funny...but when they get to the middle part, gawd, GROSS! What worse was that my whole family was there including my innocent lil bro who had no idea what just happened.

But overall, it's an okay movie. Not that funny but if you're some maniac who laughs at just about everything, you gotta watch it. I like the part when he totally forgotten he was still speaking Korean to his friend's fiance and about the fact he met an Iranian lady online. Haha:D Stupid but entertaining.

After the movie, people were still laughing. A bunch of guys were still giggling. Yes, they GIGGLED! hahaa:D But before that, while the movie was still running, there was a really funny part and everyone burst into laughter. Then suddenly, a woman on the opposite me snorted and choked. I bet it was either her drink or popcorn.

I laughed harder! Ahahhaa! Then someone beside her snorted also but also asked if she was fine. But seriously, it was so funny the sound. Whatever.


Shanya said...

HAHAH yeah i watched YES MAN tadi!!! hehhehe and there was this super obnoxious guy kat belakan me malay dude he was laughing so loud and he was the ONLY one laughing. Rasa nak sepak je! I think the fight part is the funniest hahaha!!

QM said...

d best part is wen other ppl laugh, so funny:D