Friday, January 2, 2009

For the Better or Worse?

Sorry if this picture scares you but it's what I feel like right now.

So right now, I'm in dilemma. I really don't know which stream to enter now. I have 2 choices.

  • I enter Science Stream -- but at the same time, I take up extra subjects: Sastera Melayu & English Literature

  • I enter Art Stream -- and take up English Literature
If I enter Science Stream, I would get a higher chance of scholarship. And of course, more stuff to learn and the subjects are interesting...only about the Add Maths & Physics :| But for Sastera Melayu, I have to learn all by myself, not to mention Eng Lit. Gulp.

If I enter Art Stream, I would only need to take up English Literature as my add on subject and learn all by myself except for Sastera Melayu since I would have a teacher to teach.

But I think I'll do Science, it's easier to get a scholarship. Well, if I DO get into Science, maybe, I'll stay...

Ugh! I don't know! Help!



Travel Writer said...

The picture looks cool. Think i'll take a print out..
This post is so cute. Remind me of my school days.
Please be wise in choosing which stream you choose. Don't choose a stream just because all your friends are taking that subject. Think wisely and choose a stream that you really like to. In short follow your heart. I would say that science stream is for those who are very hard working.
No matter which stream you take, there are tons of job opportunities.

QM said...

Thank you(:
Sigh. I really don't know. I need to decide by this week. By Monday, I'm back to school:/

♥georgie♥ said...

Travel writer gave you great advice!
stoppin by from blog stalkers to say hi and happy oh nine!

Anonymous said...

Just relax, breath deep, slow down, and let it come to you. You'll have the epiphany you seek at the right time. Love your humor, QM. Hey did you do that painting?

deola said...

I love this!