Sunday, January 11, 2009

Heels over Toes

Dear readers, I seem to be not blogging as active before. Really am sorry, but since school started, I've been really busy and juggling with homework & tution.

Okay to start off first, I got into a Sub-Science stream. But most of my classmates got into Pure Science Stream. I didn't mind at all since all the subjects were the same except for one. Well, I merely THOUGHT.

Sub-Science Stream consists of :
(basics) - B.Malaysia, English, History, Modern Maths & Islam/Moral
(electives) - Engineering Drawing, Chemistry, Physics & Add Maths

Pure Science Stream consists of :
(basics) - it's the same
(electives) - it's the same too except instead of Engineering Drawing, it's Biology

First, I thought, what the heck 'Engineering Drawing' should be easy. But then, all of us got a fright of our lives when our teacher showed us the SPM exam paper. One word - horrible! But then, I thought it shouldn't be hard, I just need to study harder and stuff.

When I reached home, my parents & I finally came to a solution. Since Engineering Drawing is so hard and I can barely
draw, not to mention I failed my Art Exams 3 times in a row, they suggested I appeal to get into Pure Science stream. I was kinda reluctant since I thought Sub Science was pretty cool.

'If SPM comes, and you still can't cope in Engineering Drawing, how?' my mum pressed.

I kept silent. Well, it didn't hurt since I don't want to become an engineer neither I want to be a doctor or scientist. There were other streams but they all had nothing to do with Literature. I knew how much my mum wanted me to be a Doctor or maybe something with high earning I finally gave in and my dad appealed on behalf of me.

So, I might enter Pure
Science if the school board approve. Or else, I'll stay and try my best to at least pass the exams. But I know how much my mum wants Pure Science, so that's half of the reason why I really hope I get into it. She even suggested Account Stream but me, accounting? Please, I could barely cope with Additional Maths.

The other side was my friends and I were half here and there. But amazingly, we are all still as close and fun as before. Just the fact that we weren't seeing each other as much as we used to. But we made a point to be together whenever we could.

Ina is still as babbling as before
Alliya is still bursting laughs when we all try to be cool
Sharanya is still the best jok
er we've ever met
Sze Yan is stil
l sarcastic yet blur (it's her nature)
Thira is still entertaining us with updates LOL :D

I think t
hat's all for now. Wait for another week, maybe I would have some topic to talk about. Oh yeah, Sharan is gonna be my lawyer. hahaahha!!



rory said...

hahahah im so hoping u get science :D

Anonymous said...

Brought back memories, this post - school days, plans for careers/future, best friends, balancing life and work and play and family and nowadays - BLOGGING - LOL

Good to hear from you again, QM. Also refreshing for me to read how much respect you have for your parents and listen to them. Sounds like a good family. Be thankful.

Shanya said...

Hahahaha rory im hoping the same thing too!!!
hahahaha thanks qm i'll take that best joker u've known though clearly you have not met many hahahaha. JUst kidding but you know what ppl in our class think ?? they think im SNOOTY stuck up non approachable prefect thats ice cold!
hmmmmmmmmm i wonder why??!!

Shanya said...

oh yeah im begining to miss those SCANDaLOUS posts! hahahah keep em coming baru i can be ur lawyer!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey QM-

You've been TAGGED today at Free Spirit blog.

You're IT!

A. Kichu said...

Your subject combination looks scary.. Am so glad that my school days are over!

idzy said... je. :)

btw add math susah...kena a lot of practise..

well..good luck :)