Sunday, January 25, 2009

Help Me

Maybe at times I can be too open,
embarrass the faces of everyone,
maybe I can be too sure,
until it drops down on me.
There are times when people think me
as someone who should be slap,
humouring it may be
but it can silently slit me.
I'm sorry if I am too embarrassing;
I'm sorry if I am too blunt;
I'm sorry if I take things too lightly;
I'm sorry if I make things bad.
There are some parts of me,
that I have not told anyone before.
I want to but I don't know who,
cause everyone seems happier
and easy going,
rather than me to face home
which is not so sweet.
I do not blame you,
but I need a pair of ears to listen to me.
When I say listen,
I need them to understand.
When they understand,
I need them to accept,
cause I am not born with a silver spoon,
I am not born with a picture perfect family.
I always try to cover up,
maybe replace it with my anger,
because that is how I feel.
So, I'm sorry if I am too different from you
but I really need someone,
just for once,
to really listen and accept the fact,
that I am a faker.

-- something happened before this. But I have no one to turn to. I hate the fact that I have to face this alone. The person I used to tell is no longer here and I can't trust to tell anyone because I just don't know.........

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm listening. And I feel you. You're not a faker, honey - this poem is spoken with truth and transparency and honesty. Sometimes we need to "get it out" and then move on.

Well written piece, by the way. And no matter what "happened" - you must remember that "this too shall pass."

Your Friend,