Thursday, January 1, 2009

Lovely Blog Award

Thanks, Melissa at My Little World (: Well, I don't really do this but I really appreciate it. Whoa. What a great year to start off with!

Okay. So here's my list of 7 blogs I love reading. Take some time and read these blogs, it's worth it.

Once these bloggers are notified with their awards, do the same thing that I did which Melissa told me. But if you need more info, you can go to her blog, her link is above there(:


Murphy's Cats said...

QM, thank you so much! Love to you and your family, and Happy New Year!

Pam Murphy

Stephanie Hyde said...

Oh thanks a lot! That gives me the warm fuzzies! Hope to live up to the standard in 2009!!

Abra said...

Thank you QM!

Shanya said...

Thanks QM...hahah
Man Utd all the way it is :))