Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mamma Mia the Musical

One word -- FABULOUS

It was the best musical I have ever been to. I couldn't imagine if I ever miss this chance of attending the musical. The outfits were colourful, stunning & ah-mazing!

I love ABBA and the Mamma Mia movie. Love both(; Their songs are all beautiful & soul touching. I can't even list down my favourite songs!

Well, it was full house. And guess what? The Prime Minister of Malaysia & his wife, with some members of the parliament were present. But of course, they were seated on the upper floor. My grandma and sis along with me got the seats at the front row. How lucky.

The men in the cast weren't that good looking but they have great bodies. Woot, woot. Hhahaa. But the guys who plays Skye, he has a thick accent, like thick enough that I can't understand more than half of what he was speaking but he has great body (;

At first, there was no sound. Then, BOOM! My heart skipped a beat...wait, make that two. LOL

Then half way through, there was some parts label as 18PG (hahahaha!), people start to laugh. There was a boy beside my sister roared with laughter. He was like, 'wakakaka...jjahahjsggahaha'.

I leaned forward and thought, wtf? My sis snorted and stored her laughter:D

After that, when the casts were closing down the musical with dances and songs, there was big sized, bald guy who was like moving in his chair. -- erm, I don't know how to say but he had these weird hand movements and moving his head, like people see some lunatic people do in movies. Well, not only me who was staring at him but a whole load of people were grinning at him.

Hahhaa. But if Mamma Mia comes again, I would surely go ((:



ayuniG said...

How cool! i wanna go too hehe

elee said...

I never got a chance to watch the movie or the musical but I heard awesome things about it.

Biella said...

mamma mia musical?
wow! i never heard bout it.
PM was also there?? hehe ;D
if i was there, could i take autograph from em'?
heee XD

Anonymous said...

Wait, you saw the real thing! I thought you were going to say the movie version. I'm so jealous!

Houdae said...

very cool, the body is enough huh ? lol

Syuen said...

hi again, about the westlife posters, yes their still with me and no i'm transferring skool.
Anyway, i'll ask one of my friends to pass it to you asap, is that ok ??

Oh, I'm sooooo JEALOUS of you, cause you get to go to the musical!! And I'm a big fan OF MAMMA MIA as I"VE WATCHED THE MOVIE FOR 15 times and still and that's when i became extremely crazy bout her like you and WESTLIFE..yeah that's ME and MERYL STREEP AND ANGELINA JOLIE AND CHACE

you take care..

rory said...

grrr lucky hahaha. bodies heh? *winks*

Anonymous said...

Hey Quamarina - I just shouted your blog out today at Free Spirit. Stop in when you get a chance!

Cactus Annie said...

Really cool blog! Followed you over here from Free spirit. I'll be back.

Stanley Berber said...

Nice little blog ya got going on here! Took a lead from Marvin over at Free Spirit and decided to click over here. Nice!

The Wife O Riley said...

I loved when the musical came to Chicago. But, I'm not sure I liked the movie as much.

babbler said...

Dear QM,
Thanks for the lovely blog award! I posted it so Mr. Slug could take a nibble of the flowers! I like your blog alot. I also heard Mamma Mia the musical was great too, I bet it was fun to see it live in person! I am going to look for the movie, I have not seen it yet. I would not have even thought about it unless you posted it here. It pays to visit your blog! Have a pleasant and productive Friday, from Mrs. Slug