Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Girl Crushes

My friends and I are doing this GAYBIAN -- a club rule by Khairul! Hahhahaa. Man, this guy is sexy & hot! Hahahaha, sorry.

My 5 girl crushes are :-

1. Taylor Swift

2. Hailey from Paramore

3. Katey Perry

4. Uffie

5. Angelina Jolie

We are not lesbians or gays. We are just girls having fun. Hahaha. LOL.

So yeah, these ladies are like super cool. Uffie is a singer, by the way. You can find her songs at Myspace. Trust me, she is a freakin' cool singer -- better than Lady Gaga for me(;


lalloya said...

angelina jolie? haha
yeah taylor swift n hayley williams!
we're not gay though. as qm said, just for fun :D

Shanya said...

3 of the above r my love list but angie is kinda in my hate list :)
and we're not gay!

QM said...

angie is hot for me, but in overall, i dnt like her

i jst like her features!

rory said...

wooot they re damn hot kan?

Til said...

Kate Perry? Seriously? Well, she kisses girls, so you're probably most likely to get her if you were to want any of your girl crushes, JUST KIDDING, she would so not have you, JUST KIDDING AGAIN, you could have her anyday. But seriously, Kate Perry?