Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Ten Guy Crushes

Now, it's the Guy Crushes. Hahhaha. Okay, this is gonna be slightly longer cause we ARE girls. We DO chase after guys...but in the hysteria, shirt tearing way.

1. Shane Filan - Westlife

2. Nicky - Westlife

3. Kian - Westlife

4. Mark - Westlife (alaaa, he's gayy!)

5. Ryan Taylor - model

6. Josh Harnett - actor

7. Matthew - bj(:

8. Rainbow - bj <3

9. Chace Crawford - actor

10. Matthew Bellamy - Muse (don't be mad, ina)

Whoosh! They are smokin' HOT!


rory said...

omg my matty :) awww but HES MINE

Shanya said...

Hhahaha qm westlife all the way wuhoo!

QM said...

hahahaa. matt is hot bile main guitar..


A. K. said...

Now i know why you are such a big Westlife fans... LOl!!!

lalloya said...

haha. yeah i agree wit u qm abt matt. hes so talented. but hes not in my list. westlife addict much.

Marvin D. Wilson said...

Hmmm - sigh, I USED to be on young ladies' "hot guy" lists back in the day (smile). Back then girls called 'em "hunks." LOL

Love those hormone rushes, right QM?

Til said...

Gosh, are the members of Westlife THAT hot? Who's rainbow?

LOL, my word verification for this comment was 'acident'.

idzy said...

u lupa letak nama i dekat atas no 1 tu...


elee said...

That is too funny, I have a list too but I don't think I have the luck of meeting any of these guys. Plus I think I am too old