Monday, January 26, 2009

People Are Blind

I had just finished shopping with my family that day at OU. My mum was like shopping so long -- for how many hours that my feet hurt.

Then, as we left the exit door, there was a blind man a few meters away from us. He was pushing a trolley filled with minerals bottles. I was puzzled because I thought why would a blind man be hired for a job like that. But then my dad said, some people aren't as lucky as us. They have to do things against the odds to survive. A part of me felt sorry for that guy.

Before I could answer my dad, the trolley hit a bumper on the road and the trolley flipped and the bottles fell. Everyone stopped including us. There was a moment of silence before everyone realized what just happened.

Immediately, those who were nearby gave him a hand. An old couple and a few passers by helped him. I never thought I felt any better.

But then, my gaze dropped on the security guard who was standing right in front of the poor blind man and did nothing but merely stared at the blind man up to down. I was furious. I wanted to extended my help for the blind man but there were many people helping him and there was a young man who offered to push the trolley to its destination already. By that time, 2 pair of hands were helping the blind man to walk.

My mum said, "Someone should tell that security guard off. He has his responsibility."

But my dad thought a different way. "He should know what's wrong. The one who eats the torn, he shall feel the pain. It's human nature."

Then I thought of the blind man who must have felt so grateful for the good Samaritans. And I thought of the security guard who wore the uniform as a guard but did nothing when the blind man fell in front of him.

Sometimes we think we are unlucky and things never go the way we want. But we never knew how lucky we are -- to have things that some people can't buy with money.

And when you feel some uneasy feeling creeping inside you, as though you did or didn't do something, try and think back what happened. Who knows maybe there was a blind person pushing a trolley for his living.



azri said...


well there are more needy people in the world.

As the westerners get richer, most of the africans are getting poorer and poorer each day.

Thank god for wat we have now.

Shanya said...

Thats my point exactly ppl shud not put them down thats why the other day i was asking what if you fell in love with a blind rory? Does it make a dif? To me hell no!

Anonymous said...

Nice,QM. Good life observation and muse. Completely different side of you than yesterday's post. Ah, how all things shall pass and those wonderful life epiphanies can enlighten us when we look, think and feel.

Patrice said...

Wow this is beautiful! It's funny how all it takes sometimes is one little thing to remind us not to take things for granted!
Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! :)

QM said...

What I love about these people is that they never give up in their lives,

and making every part of their imperfections possible.

Anonymous said...

That's really sad. I'm glad I live in a country where such people don't have to do things like that, but in Sri Lanka, there are so many people like that.

What a lousy security guard.