Friday, January 2, 2009

School Is Back - A Never Ending Journey

Oh man. 5th January. ARGH! 5th January 2009 = Back To School. New Year, New Books, New Class & New Classmates. Sometimes I wish there weren't many 'new', I prefer some things unchanged.

So, I'm going to enter Art Stream(my choice) and take up Literature. My ex-schoolmates were like, 'Art Stream? QM, art stream doesn't open much opportunity in U and jobs.'

I was like, jeez, we're on 15 going 16, let's slow down and enjoy our teens.

Besides, I'm totally set for taking up Literature in U. I'm not into accounting or surgeon or engineer which most of the people are chasing after. Yeah, so some of them may say that becoming a writer/author, the payment is less or unstable....So what?! I love writing. I love books.

And if there was any way of making me really upset, is to take away all my books and burn every notebooks and pens. And of course, ban me from entering bookstores. Oh boy, I would be showing my tantrum like a 5 year old kid who doesn't get her Barbie doll.

Take away my handphone? And my allowance? Sure, go ahead. Been there, done that. I survived. By the way, I don't even get allowance. Just daily RM5 - RM10 to buy food at school(;

taken in early 2008
Attended a show by some school
'Phantom of the Opera'

These are Malaysian students with their school uniforms. LOL. Don't mind our expressions. We were all full of 'Christine!!!' after watching the drama. Sigh, sometimes I hate the uniform. It's all covered up as shown as above. After 2 hours in school, I would sweat! Ugh. How I hate sweating.

The girl on the far right, Sharan is with a different uniform because she's a prefect. Oh trust me. Her uniform is worse. Man. I wish they change the uniforms...into something not so clutchy and so to stop the sweat!

Anyway, when school starts, I won't be able to blog and online as often as now. I might be able to do so on the weekends. So, hang in there. Sigh. Why can't school just use laptop for homework? And not all these thick textbooks and exercise books :/


Mims, as if. said...

lol everything is new.
Thakfully that ur parents are not brainwashing you. (same as me)

nanie , said...

link u (;


<3 ,
naniesuffianlim : )

Travel Writer said...

Cool picture you have there.. Its so funny.. Come on schools are fun though the studying part, doing home works and exams sucks! I miss school.. I have graduated long time back and there is not even a single day that i go without missing my school days..

Try to have fun and enjoy your school days while it last.. Happy New Year..

Charymien said...

i agree! why cant school just use laptop instead of books..

ohh by the way that expression picture is so funny..

Syuen said...

hi, hope you feel better now..
Anyway, Ihope bringing this piece of news will cheer you up ..
I have a few Westlife posters , and i'm giving away..
So if you want do tell
Godknows how i will pass it to you.
I'll find some ways

take care
weii syuen from 3 Alpha..

PS. Congrats, You did well , don't think so much about it , if you know you did you r best, then so be it, be happy..

Twilight, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep , and Chace Crawford rocks!!

Anonymous said...

Art is cool. Is the Art Stream like drawing and painting and stuff?? Sorry, still in year 10.
You'll probably have an interesting job after you finish school.

(And I thought our uniforms were bad.)

Shanya said...

MY uniform shud be sued at court! Its an instrument of torcher and when i became a lawyer i will sue the uniform howerver so!