Thursday, January 29, 2009

School Is Forever There

I'm really bored. But at least, today I have no tutions or anything. I can't make it to my friend's house for a badminton game): Sorry guys. But Sharan! You promised to call me and record it!! I don't want to miss the drama!!




Anyway, I'm chatting with Idzham. We are chatting on how happy we are school life is gonna end for us one day which is in 2010, next year. But partly, we don't want to leave school. The thought of leaving school - is like tearing ourselves from our souls.

- No more entering the classrooms to study.
- No more teachers yelling for us to shut up.
- No more homework.
- No more headaches.

- No more sports day.
- No more struggling at the canteen.
- No more fears going up the stairs.
- No more chasing after guys.
- No more gossiping with girlfriends.


My mum once told me, "Enjoy and appreciate your school life while you can. When I was your age, I took it for granted. Enjoy it, it's the best time of your life."

She made me reazlied that school is not just a place to learn and gain knowledge. But indirectly, that's how I met my friends who turn into best friends; I met hateful people who turn into enemies; I learn the truth under every cover. Most of all, I learn to live life to the fullest and take it as it comes and goes.

In school, I learned a lot from my experiences. Getting scolded, getting canned(ouch!)...

speaking of canning, that brings me back when I was studying at my Chinese primary school. I always get canned, not that I'm bad but I wasn't good enough.

Whenever there was spelling test, if anyone get 75 below will be canned. Sigh. I often get it. Man, I still remember how my teacher took a long, thin stick and wipped my hand. Hahhaa. It's not excatly a sweet memory but I still feel glad that I had experienced it. LOL.

People say, "The world does not expect anything from you kids. But once you leave your school life, you are going to face the real world. And it's not the world that you are hearing right now. It's much bigger, bolder and fiercer."

I'm still studying, gaining knowledge from my teachers who I truly respect although there are times which I can't stand them. Ahh, it's normal for students. Hahaha:D

But yes, I'm still in school. No way do I want to drop out and waste any second of it.

School is school. And I'm gonna enjoy it while it last(:



A. K. said...

Hi. How are you.....

Shanya said...

Yup we wud never wanna leave this experience i mean things do sound harder out there i mean like add maths is shit but i bet wats oming up will be shittier

-ELANI(: said...

wow , Yeah. totally agree with You (:
im Elani btw ,

Mims, as if. said...

that's what my Maths teacher said : enjoy your school and university days and when you start working, you become very occupied.

QM said...

I'm so gonna miss school when that day comes):