Saturday, January 3, 2009

Silly Is Good

Tell one of the silliest incident that you went through and explain it(:

Mine was back in 2000. I was 7 years old at that time. My family was still staying in an apartment, only this apartment has a really big and long balcony. So one night, my father decided to have a B.B.Q.. He invited the whole family from my mum's side, I can't remember why my dad's side didn't come.

Anyway, we were playing fireworks and there was B.B.Q. at the same time. So the smoke was thick and blurry. I remember sneezing non stop, like something was tickling my nostrils.

Then, my mum called: Qamarina!!!

I ran to get into the house. Then, SLAM!!!

I slammed right through the sliding door. The smoke was thick enough to blur my vision. I landed on my butt and then, I was crying. My nose hurt a lot! Not to mention I broke my nose before.

My uncle first quickly came to my aid but as soon as I was fine, he roared with laughter. My parents came out and asked how on earth I could slammed right at the sliding door. Soon, everyone laughed and I became the joke of the day, months and years.

Well, right now they don't bring it up anymore. Now it's all how come I always get a bum on my head when I wake up. When I sleep, I always sleep on my shoulder side. My bed is against the wall so everytime I turn, I hit my head against the wall. Like a sound, thud. My dad thought about cushioning the wall, he's scared I might end up with a brain tumor :|



Shanya said...

HEY i've banged right through a sliding door once it HURT like i feel ur pain:))) hahah

QM said...

ahhaa! cheers! bang some more! (;

Andrea said...

Thanks for the comment! Cute blog! :) I've gone through a screen door, but never the glass door. lol I'm clumsy though, so I feel for you!

Til said...

LOL, I've done that so many times. Once I was chasing my cat, and he bashed into the glass door too. It was pretty funny. It takes a second for you to realise what you've done hey.