Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some Things Never Change

So this is my first official post for 2009(: This incident happened back in 2008 but I guessed it's never too late to tell something.

My mum and my sister or my brother...I can't remember went to the nearby mall to do grocery. I was still in school and my dad was at work. As usual, my mum was took out her credit card to pay. But when the cashier lady saw the name written on the credit card, she refused to accept it. My mum was startled as it was the first time she was ever, ever rejected using her card.

Mum: What's wrong?

Cashier: Your name is a Muslim but you're a Chinese.

My mum immediately took out her Identify Card and showed the lady, to proof that yes, she's a Muslim. She even explained that she's a Muslim because she is married to a Muslim. The cashier still refused. You could imagined how mad and insulted my mum felt. The cashier went and called the manager. My mum, being brave for she is right agreed and waited. But hell yeah, her anger was near eruption.

The manager finally came. He checked and checked, then he realized my mum was innocent all along. My mum demanded an apology and of course, the lady cashier apologized. Well, my mum wasn't just done yet.

Mum said(raising her tone): Why? Chinese can't be Muslims, is it?

There were 2 Indians behind my mum and they nodded in an agreement. Since then, my mum refused to go to that mall again. So we had to do our grocery at a different mall. Sigh.


That's the first one. Here, the second one is something people keep on and on asking me.

Okay, here is it. I don't know the answer!

Well you see, everytime we fill in forms like, races. There are like, Malay, Chinese, Indian & Others. So sometimes people ask me, so which one do you tick? I said, I have been ticking under Malay since birth.

When I was in form one, I studied in a Convent school. So the students there were much more open and spoke up. One day, our class teacher gave us forms to fill in for the school. God knows why we had so many forms to fill.

Then, one of my classmates asked: Teacher, what does QM has to tick as her race?

I rolled my eyes. Naive, I thought. Seems like none of them have ever met mixed blood people.

But as a matter of fact, I was rather amused when the teacher hesitated, like she couldn't find anything to say. Soon everyone kept quiet and waited for her to answer. Realizing we weren't going to let go, she answered.

She said: I don't know. If her birth certificate says that she's a Malay, she is one.

They said: But she's not a pure Malay.

Teacher said: It doesn't matter. Even if her mum is the Malay, it still would be the same.

HUH????? Okay. I was blurred then. But then, I soon learned the naked truth. Here, if anyone marries a Muslim, that someone has to convert to Islam, so goes for their kids.

But that still doesn't fully answered my question, why can't I tick myself as a Chinese since I part Chinese and not full Malay? This question I forward to you from my friends who asked me. Can't I tick both? Can't they just wipe out the races box? So to those people who keep asking me, please, I'm sorry but I really don't have the answer.

Hopefully someone out there can answer it and then, I'll forward back to you guys(;


Anonymous said...

Nice blog, QM! And you write very well. I'll have to stop here again. Keep up the good work - you have talent.

Marvin D Wilson
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Anonymous said...

That ticks me off too. There should be a category for multiracial. Grrrr

QM said...

Thank you(: Yeah! Rather than 'others'...making it sound like some aliens from Mars

Shanya said...

Nvm when we have half roy and half race we are children we'll make it easir for them!! muahaha! and i can sue them when i become a lawyer.
Sorry im just in a very SUE'ING mood!

Miszza said...

Just tick as malay..
because ur dad is malay and u're muslims.
we know malays are major muslims. if u tick malay, people know that u're muslims.
If u tick chinese, people might get the wrong info n think u're buddhist or christian.

except if both ur parents are chinese, then u can tick chinese.
but if both ur parents are muslims, then u can tick chinese and muslims.

if u still dun understand, contact me.
hehe. ;D

QM said...

Well, if there's a way, they should not put any races box to be pick. As in, no need to place any races of yours.

As far as I know in most developing & developed countries do not hold such measurements.

Meaning, not caring if you're a Caucasian, Asian, Latin, Indian, Chinese or Malay -- we are all the same -- in one nationality.

Because I know some people who are rather dissatisfied.

Anyway, thnks(:

Biella said...

Yup, i agree with u. =)

But, it's just the system in m'sia.
i dunno further bout it.

We can't change it now, but maybe we can change it in the future. ;)

No big deal. I'm also mixed but just for the second generation lah . I dunno if my mum been through all this and my mum has the looks more to malay ~