Sunday, January 18, 2009

STOP Violence in Gaza

I've just finished my maths & chemistry homework. Sigh. I've been having tutions the whole week that my eyes were as though falling off their sacs. Anyway, I'm not here today to blab about what have I gone through. There are others out there who need to be hear but they aren't able to reach out.

See this pic? Looks familiar? Yes. The War in Gaza. Before I say anything further, let me say that I'm not siding anyone's side. My main theme today in this blog is that WAR DOES NOT BENEFIT ANYONE.

I've been reading the newspaper daily and all the headlines were Gaza, Gaza...War, War. This has got to stop! How much more must people suffer? Especially the innocents, the children and women. Tell me, what have they done wrong?

There was a classroom filled with children in Gaza and while they were studying, a bom came down and killed every single one in the classroom including the teacher. What is this? Killing children who are studying? What have they done wrong there?

People, war does not do any good. Cause in the end, everyone loses. Some families would lose their husbands and fathers and most of them lose their children. Humans beings are gifted by God with brains and minds to think -- in other words, to solve a problem without using violence. I can't imagine myself taking gun and shooting right through someone innocent.

And what about those children? Those who so heartless are animals for killing children. What do they benefit from that?

Haven't we all learn from the past? World War One & World War Two? Have we all forgotten them? Those wars had never benefit anyone.

I don't know what you may be thinking now. Maybe some of you think I should just mind my own business but if you are, then, I'm sorry cause it's the least I can do for the people in Gaza who had been brutally attacked. My school has opened up a donation for the victims of Palestinians and never had I not thought what must it feel like to be in a war zone. Where anywhere you go isn't safe and anyone you know can't be trust.

So please, please, please stop the war in Gaza. Stop the murdering. Stop the sufferings. Those who feel the same way as I do, pray hard to the Lord that the war will stop. 'Thou shall not kill'. I don't read the Bible but in the Quran says that 'Murder is one of the heaviest sin'.




Shanya said...

omg....Qm you're gonna really need a lawyer now! Btw say no to WAR any kind of war even the BOMB ATTACKS in mumbai!

QM said...



Anonymous said...

"Maybe some of you think I should just mind my own business..."

Ah, but my young friend, you ARE minding your business. It is EVERYBODY'S business who has a heart, a brain, and even a trace of conscience to care about and SOUND OFF ABOUT senseless violence and most of all, WAR. I applaud you for this post. You're brave, smart, and caring. Remind me of my generation, the Hippies, in a lot of ways. We refused to fight that heinous war in Vietnam. It was wrong. Innocents slaughtered over what? A ego-maniac's (Richard Nixon) refusal to go down as the only president of the USA to have lost a war? Gimme a f***king break.

This Gaza offensive is also wrong. All war is wrong. Sadly, and this an indictment against us as a race of beings, war is indicative of just how unenlightened we as a people are. We can't settle our differences without coming to blows and killing each other. And sooooooo often the dispute starts over religion! Jews and Muslims both worship the SAME ONE God of Abraham!! I'm like, will you please READ your Bibles and your Quar'ans? Hellooo-oh!!! - you are all brothers and sisters - where's the love?

Sheesh - this comment is almost a whole post. Sorry, these topics get my blood boiling (smile) Keep sounding off, QM - the more people who speak up the better.

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ayuniG said...

YAH seriously NO TO WAR! pity all the children

A. Kichu said...

Its so sad to see people killing each other just to prove that my God is bigger than Yours. Great Post. The pictures were so heart touching. I only wish that those Israel's could see what is happening there....

Anonymous said...

You're so right. It isn't right that anyone should live in fear, and I would hate to live not knowing whether a bomb was going to fall on me that second. It's terrible, it's great that you speak up and voice your beliefs. There may be several religions in this world, or philosphies (I'm Buddhist), but all say basically the same thing, and most or all believe it is wrong to kill.

Najihah Hakim said...

so true!
i'm your new reader :)
thank you, for the advice

athirah said...

stop war, make love :D