Sunday, January 25, 2009

Welcoming the Ox Year

Yipee!! School is off for a week and it's not even February yet. Lol.

I'm currently myspacing and really bored, so I'll just blab about what's gonna happen tomorrow and explain it.

Bear with me, if you can. :D

It's Chinese New Year, the year of Ox this time. People think that Chinese New Year is all about lion dance and wearing red but it's not. It's when everyone you know -- family & friends get together to spend time together. It's like Hari Raya & Christmas, just that we wear red on that day.

I'm currently eating mi-ku now. It's like white bread but it's much softer & tastier. My Chinese grandma always make them cause we could up til 5 plates of them. Hahahaa.

Anyway, we used to drive back to Ipoh, our hometown for a 5 hours drive. But since my grandparents move to the city with us, it was only a 10 minutes drive then. It's kind of sad not to be able to drive back in the cramp, noisy car where everyone would yell at each other and not having many relatives visiting as before but it's still New Year, so what the heck.

My mum had been tidying up the house today non-stop from cleaning the table to moping floors, then changing curtains and washing all the clothes and hang them for dry. You see, Chinese believe that if you sweep or do any cleaning on Chinese New Year's day, it means you are sweeping all your luck away. So I have to wash my hair today and leave it stink for the entire day tomorrow.

And, my mum kept repeating to us to not wear any dark colours tomorrow. Best, wear RED. But I don't understand what's the fuss since we all known this since birth. LOL. Just being mum.

But the best part for us(youngsters) is receiving ang-pows. They are red, small envelopes fill with money inside. Hahhaa. So you get my point. But sadly, my mum would keep all the money and save some of them in the bank while the remainder she would spend. Sigh. So it still leaves me nothing. But it doesn't really matter cause I don't get allowance -- it doesn't exist in my family. My mum would give me RM5 to RM10 every 3 days when I go to school, so when I want something, I have to ask, no, wait, I need to beg. Hahahhaa

The other thing is the adults would play mah-jong. It's a game which is often display in Chinese movies since I can't really explain it. They play with these white, small rectangular shaped with Chinese characters on them. It's like a Chinese people way of playing casino and gambling. Sometimes they use money but usually they use plastic coloured coins to play.

Okay. I want to get back myspacing right now, lol. So this is about it. I have to wake up early tomorrow and celebrate another new year! How lucky am I :)

So to those celebrating Chinese New Year, "Gong Xi Fa Cai. Zhu Ni Men Nian Nian Kuai Le."



Shanya said...

GongXi Fa Chai! ANg Pau Me WANT!

rory said...

wheres the ang pow! i want!

QM said...

lol. I'm not married yet so I don't give out, I receive