Saturday, February 28, 2009

Whyyyyy Thiraaaaa

Thira, Syarul, Ina

When I first entered my school last year, I met Ina. Then, I met Alliya, Sze Yan & Sharanya. We clicked on the spot for our minds think alike. Hahaha!

Ina & I were seated behind Thira(above pic). At first, she was snappy at us and we thought, "Wookay, this girl hate us." But we tried our best to show her we are 'angels' which I doubted ever worked. Hahaha.

Eventually, Thira clicked off with Ina first because well, Ina can talk about anything on everything. Which is true, Ina(: LOL. I wasn't much of it at first but soon I got the hang of it. Then, one day...

Friends: If you were a guy, who would you choose as your girlfriend?

Thira: QM!


QM: What?! (then, laugh)

The next few days, wait, ok maybe not few days cause she still does it til now. She would sometimes just say, "QM, you are hot!" or "QM, you are mine" or "Back off, she's mine!" and dots dots dots. HAHAHA. It was creepy at first but soon, it was a laughing matter but still, she's serious. AHHAHAA;D

Now, she's leaving);

She had gotten into a boarding school in Seremban which is quite far.

I am so gonna miss you like hell!!

DON'T GO! ));

Whose gonna greet me the crazy way like you do?
Whose gonna be my #1 lesbo & bi person?
Whose gonna shout-scream-jump whenever a bomb drops?
Whose gonna laugh the most natural way & sometimes, hilarious way like you?
Whose gonna fall for any guy that walk past her?

Her last day in school would be on Monday and I'm 100% positive gonna cry til my eyes will dry up.

Thira, don't ever forget us back here.

You totally rock my world! ((:

Those good old days(;

* Take care, Thira. Do all your best!(:*

Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol Is Back!

I have been watching American Idol since when I don't know. My friends & family watch it. I think the best part of the hot show is when the auditions are up. Cause you get to see all kinds of people walking in and singing. Sometimes it makes you laugh til you roll on the floor, sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's HORRIBLE!

Tonight I watched the 2nd Group. And I'm so happy that ADAM LAMBERT got into the Top 12. YEAYYY!!! He is a really great singer with the rocker version of him and a real cool personality.

But there's a guy I can't stand -- Norman, well, at least that's his stage name. The comedian guy who went on stage last night wearing his silver shirt and red headband as he acted/sang "gracefully" on stage. Dude, great entertainment but an idol? Oh no.

Simon Cowell. What can I say about this guy? I believed that more than half of this show works out so well is because of his presence there, his blunt comments and the fact that he only has 3 shirts to wear: white, grey & black. Did I mention he founded Westlife - my #1 band? Yeah!! So yeah, I really, really like Simon Cowell. Woo hoo!!

The Best Audition(:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I Regretted

Have you ever regretted some things in your past? Maybe when you sit down and doing nothing, you suddenly think back about your past and often regret things you didn't do or could have done but it wasn't good enough?

There are things that I regretted not doing/didn't really do:

  1. Study Hard Enough - If I just had studied a little bit more harder, I might have score with flying colours for PMR.
  2. Be a Decent Girl - Then I wouldn't have broken my bones 4 times!
  3. More Time & Caring - Maybe I was too young that time when my gred- grandparents passed away but I still wish it was all different.
  4. Been More Independent & Strong - Now I'm a total different person but the last few years, I was this quiet girl who always got used by her ex-BFF. But thanks to my other true friends, I finally stepped out from her shadow.
  5. Finish My Ballet, Tap & Jazz dances - But I had to stop because I was moving away...still I wish I had finished all my greds );
  6. Finish My Piano lessons - ah, dang it! no time);
  7. Take Up Guitar - I still got time but my parents are not letting...sigh

Well, all I can do is just learn from it and hope not repeating it again. But sometimes I do repeat without realizing it and only do after I've done it.

But we are humans. Humans make mistakes, right? Even to those who we love most.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Knowledge Is Power

I am on random thoughts today. But firstly, let me write what happened on Physics tution today. I just hope you guys can understand what I'm saying.

Teacher: Inertia means you have to force an object to move (bla bla bla)

Students: (thinking) what the hell...

Teacher: (with an unbelievable expression) Example, I say, move, eraser! Move!!!

Students: Whahahaha! Bahahahaha!!!

I mean, honestly, you should have been there and see the way our teacher did it. It was so unexpected and hilarious that Divya actually cried of laughter. LOL ;D

Next drama.

Students: bla bla bla bla...(something about you can stay in one direction in space cause it's vacuum)

Teacher: Wouldn't it be great if you can just kick yourself from the wall and fly to tution? (with his leg hanging halfway on the wall)

Students: (nearly fell off the chairs) HAHAHAHAHA!! OMG!!! Waahahahaha!

This Pyshics tution teacher is simply awesome. Even though it wasn't entirely funny but the way he did it was hilarious!

Anyway, I was just thinking randomnly in class when a group of guys passed by my class. Well I noticed because I like a guy in there...hahahaa. The thing is they always skip classes and skip school. They are in school but their minds are not there. They are there because their friends are there and when their friends are there, they tend just to walk, hang out and do naughty things when everyone is being educated.

Teachers have advised them many times and even discipline teachers scolded them. Once, a few of them were caught smoking, skipping school and were handed over to their parents. But withing days, they were back again like nothing ever happened.

My question is: Aren't they afraid of their futures?

If they don't push and study from now, where are they gonna stand in the society next time? What is going to happen to them?

Popularity is nothing. It would only lead your name to fame when you decided to drop everything and join the clans by flunking your grades. Eventually, you are the one who is going to lose.

Knowledge/Education is everything. Your beauty and popularity one day would die away but what you learned, will always stay within you. It's something a true gift that nothing can take it away from you, even in your grave. Knowledge is power, gold & priceless.

So to those youngsters out there, who think being smart is nerd and silly - please think twice. Cause without knowledge, you are nowhere on earth. Being smart is having the urge to have the best for you.

Algebra is easy...when compared to add maths!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lasagna, Babies, Things...

Today is pretty relaxing. Got to go to my grandmother's house. We went to Delifrance and ate beef lasagnas. Yumm yummm...

My addiction right now is beef lasagna. I don't know why but it seems to get me everytime I see anything cheesy. I can't resist's like I GOTTA HAVE IT. Hhahaha:D

Not to mention, I'm eating lasagna for dinner! ;)

Speaking of food, I read recently about a mother in the US who gave birth to octuplets. It was so shocking to see the picture of her belly carrying 8 children in her belly. Worse still, she had children before this already. So now, she is struggling to cope financially.

Recent reports said that she was receiving death threats and people saying that she is stupid and so on for having so many kids.

Well, I heard that the pregnancy wasn't natural cause there was a help from the doctor. But no matter what, you can't blame the mother for having that many kids. I believe that it is God who gave her the gift of any mother who wants children. It's not like mothers can planned on how many children they want and it's not like a sin to bring babies into this world.

So maybe she has financial problems at the moment. She can't cope with everything at once. It's a baby who is trying to learn to walk. At first, he has to crawl then he falls, only then he could walk. She may need help right now but soon with the help she needs, she can stand on her own sooner.

All the best for the mother & the children(:

Okayy, I'm starving now. Gotta go eat!

Tan Sze Yan
( commercial lady)

P.S. she might kill me for this

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide by people. It doesn't matter if they are lovers, families or simply your friends - Valentine's Day is a day to be with your loved ones.

Today, I have 2 weddings to attend. A Chinese wedding and a Malay wedding. I went to the Chinese wedding ceremony in the morning and tonight will be attending the Malay wedding. And I got 2 outfits to wear! YEAH!

Man, I love weddings(: Next time when it's my turn, I would have 2 ceremonies - Chinese & Malay(; Good thing I come from a mixed parentage, hahaha!

Sze Yan: won't it be cool if each girl are given an arrow each to find their life partners?

Sharan: it would be cool and weird, Sze Yan

QM: (thinks.....)


Friday, February 13, 2009

This Is Not Right

My mum asked me to write this on my blog. I'm kinda hesitated about it but before I start writing, I would want to apologize if this too sensitive to some of the readers.

But then again, it's MY BLOG. So if you have nothing nice to say, save your face but I would still want some feedback(;

Recently, my school has inserted a new rule in the school board. As far as everyone knows, Malaysia's official religion is Islam but not everyone is a Muslim. The schools in Malaysia do not practice the Islamic ways except if the school is an Islamic school.

My school is not an Islamic school. It's a co-ed school with Malay, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs and others attending here.

Early this year, on the first day or second day of school during the assembly, boys and girls were told to be separated. Meaning - the right hand side are the males; the left hand side are the females. Everyone was puzzled but no one said a word.

Then, a teacher took over a mike. He announced that from now on, even the 4 staircases in the school would be separated according to the genders and forms. Everyone was like, WHAT THE HELL. And if a girl or a boy is caught using a stairs that doesn't direct his/her gender, he/she would receive punishment.

Wait, there's more.

When going to the canteen for recess, boys and girls must use different routes. The boys use this side and the girls that side. I mean, seriously, what's wrong with walking at the same route? It's not like a girl would file a report against a boy bumping into her.

To make matter worse, even in the canteen, the seating for boys and girls are also separated. When we want to buy foods and drinks, we must use different counters according to our genders.

With all do respect, yes, I'm a Muslim. But the school board has got to understand that this is NOT an Islamic school - it's a national government school meaning all the government schools must follow the same policies. This is not right.

I have non-Muslims friends asking me 'why'. Truth is, I don't really know. And I can't say. But I hope this would stop...who knows maybe the next thing they would separate girls and boys in classes.

Some prefects said that the school board wants to stop students from dating...having boyfriends and girlfriends. But seriously, c'mon. This is not gonna work. After school, they still can meet up and go dating elsewhere.

By doing this, many non-Muslims are feeling uneasy. I think it's utterly ridiculous. Before this there was a school which did it and was slammed by a newspaper following complaints from parents and the government itself had said, "For as long as it's not an Islamic school, all schools must follow the government's schools policies."

So I really hope what I'm trying to say make sense to whoever is reading. People can't do whatever they feel like doing, that's why there's such thing call RULES.

Til then(;


* I miss you, Idzham & Khairul);
Take care, you guys. Hopefully, we'll meet again

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Beauty of Writing and Words

This year I'm in Form 4. Next year, I'm in Form 5, then it's all over :|
I have people asking me - friends & family: "What do you want to do?"
I said: "Write."

Some people would twist their faces or some would just be like 'uh huh' like their brains can't interpret the message. I mean, why writing as a job seems so unwelcome? Actually, writing is something that has no barrier, you let your feelings, thoughts & imaginations flow through your hands and into words.

When I was 5, when other girls were playing dolls, I write stuff on small papers(but sadly, I can't remember what I wrote)

When I was 9, my mum presented me a real book, and I haven't stopped reading since. My parents keep complaining that my room is a mess with all the books. Everytime we pass by any bookstore, they would try their best to avoid it by strolling into another direction. Har har.

The thing is, when it comes to writing, most people would think, 'Oh no. I don't know how to do I start? How should I write?'
The truth is, you write what you feel. You start where you stop. You write like there's nothing in this world can defeat you. When you do that, you'll make it as if you are talking to people and they are listening to you - that's what I call an excellent writing.

AH. One more thing, books. Listen up, they are your friends. If you read and then you begin to fall asleep, it's because you are reading the wrong way.

When you read, imagine it in any ways. If you are reading Harry Potter, then imagine you are flying on a broom. And when you read, try and understand the meaning behind each words and sentences. Sometimes, you'll be stunned by how beautiful it can sound.

These 2 books are absolutely soulful and brilliant:

Sold For Silver by Janet Lim
A Thousand Pieces Of Gold
by Adeline Yen Meh

Yeah, so my point here is writing & reading are two beautiful things that people fail to notice. I think the world would be a dull and lifeless place without them.

Sometimes when you can't paint the beauty, you write the beauty(:


Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Girl named Tan Sze Yan

Happy sweet 16 Sze Yan!! We are gonna celebrate your birthday at Secret Recipe so you better come!!

Okay. Let me tell more of Tan Sze Yan.

She is a Chinese. An independent girl who always seems to know what to do. That's why we always ask her to order McD, pizze, etc. LOL :D

Okay. This happened a while ago.

That day, my friends and I went to Sharan's house. We ordered McD, actually Sze Yan did. Hahhaa. And we laughing and eating at the same time that we felt full before we even manage to even eat half of the burger/chicken.

Then, halfway through, Ina told something about her bro farting ways then we all burst into laughter!


And then, Sze Yan snorted and the coke in her mouth and spluttered out to Sharan. We so wanted to help her cause she seemed to be suffocating but we were too busy laughing. It was so damn funny! ahahaha

After we began to relaxed,

Sharan: Why didn't you tell me you were going to snort the coke at me?

All the girls: (laughing)

Sze Yan: Why would I tell you? (something, something)

Sharan: I would have done Matrix like whoosh! But this stupid chair, I can't do it (something, something)

Man, I gotta say, I haven't stopped laughing. It was so funny.

Sharan: Of all the people, I'm the victim.



When I first came to school, I saw Sze Yan and I thought 'Whoa, this girl looks so serious and grounded."

But when I gotta know her, seriously, she's BLUR. HAHAHA!

Sze Yan, I love you, girl. You totally rock! Have a rockin' bday!