Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol Is Back!

I have been watching American Idol since when I don't know. My friends & family watch it. I think the best part of the hot show is when the auditions are up. Cause you get to see all kinds of people walking in and singing. Sometimes it makes you laugh til you roll on the floor, sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's HORRIBLE!

Tonight I watched the 2nd Group. And I'm so happy that ADAM LAMBERT got into the Top 12. YEAYYY!!! He is a really great singer with the rocker version of him and a real cool personality.

But there's a guy I can't stand -- Norman, well, at least that's his stage name. The comedian guy who went on stage last night wearing his silver shirt and red headband as he acted/sang "gracefully" on stage. Dude, great entertainment but an idol? Oh no.

Simon Cowell. What can I say about this guy? I believed that more than half of this show works out so well is because of his presence there, his blunt comments and the fact that he only has 3 shirts to wear: white, grey & black. Did I mention he founded Westlife - my #1 band? Yeah!! So yeah, I really, really like Simon Cowell. Woo hoo!!

The Best Audition(:


rory said...

hey nick norman is funneh. GO DANNY GOAKEY! :D dont like the adam dude. you can have him I want kris allen :P

Anonymous said...

Ha - I FIGURED you for an American Idol fan, QM! LOL - I actually like the show myself for a lot of the same reasons. Some of the talentless nitwits that try out I'm like, "who is god's name ever told YOU you could sing?" LOL

And Simon - what can you say - his blunt scathing comments with that British accent are just a hoot.

QM said...

Nick is funny, rory but seriously sometimes I feel like whacking his head!
Kris allen can't really sing! Hhahaa, Lambert is all mine!!

Shanya said...

Lambert is MYNE!!!!hahahah tapi alaaaaaaaaaaaaa nak Kris allen gak. I ambik dua dua je ok>! Hahah tapi nak scott mcintyre gan danny gokey!!! Alaaa i ambil all 4 jer lah ;)

{Diamond} said...

I think "Norman" really thinks he can win! Ha!