Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Girl named Tan Sze Yan

Happy sweet 16 Sze Yan!! We are gonna celebrate your birthday at Secret Recipe so you better come!!

Okay. Let me tell more of Tan Sze Yan.

She is a Chinese. An independent girl who always seems to know what to do. That's why we always ask her to order McD, pizze, etc. LOL :D

Okay. This happened a while ago.

That day, my friends and I went to Sharan's house. We ordered McD, actually Sze Yan did. Hahhaa. And we laughing and eating at the same time that we felt full before we even manage to even eat half of the burger/chicken.

Then, halfway through, Ina told something about her bro farting ways then we all burst into laughter!


And then, Sze Yan snorted and the coke in her mouth and spluttered out to Sharan. We so wanted to help her cause she seemed to be suffocating but we were too busy laughing. It was so damn funny! ahahaha

After we began to relaxed,

Sharan: Why didn't you tell me you were going to snort the coke at me?

All the girls: (laughing)

Sze Yan: Why would I tell you? (something, something)

Sharan: I would have done Matrix like whoosh! But this stupid chair, I can't do it (something, something)

Man, I gotta say, I haven't stopped laughing. It was so funny.

Sharan: Of all the people, I'm the victim.



When I first came to school, I saw Sze Yan and I thought 'Whoa, this girl looks so serious and grounded."

But when I gotta know her, seriously, she's BLUR. HAHAHA!

Sze Yan, I love you, girl. You totally rock! Have a rockin' bday!



Shanya said...

Hahhaha i was THE VICTIM again! Stupid chair * mutters to self* i so wanted to pull the matrix stunt! Haiyoooo! She is blur and thats why we love her!!!

Anonymous said...

She sounds like a fun and cool friend!

MIN said...

Laugh all you want ppl..
seriously, i was suffering there but my dearest frens are.. busy laughing.. xD
sorry shanya.. can't help it.. lol