Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide by people. It doesn't matter if they are lovers, families or simply your friends - Valentine's Day is a day to be with your loved ones.

Today, I have 2 weddings to attend. A Chinese wedding and a Malay wedding. I went to the Chinese wedding ceremony in the morning and tonight will be attending the Malay wedding. And I got 2 outfits to wear! YEAH!

Man, I love weddings(: Next time when it's my turn, I would have 2 ceremonies - Chinese & Malay(; Good thing I come from a mixed parentage, hahaha!

Sze Yan: won't it be cool if each girl are given an arrow each to find their life partners?

Sharan: it would be cool and weird, Sze Yan

QM: (thinks.....)



Shanya said...

Happy Valentine's QM! Hahahha nice quoting! hahahaha! and gorgeous pic muaxxx!!

keero! said...

this guy so funny.
great pics.
F.Y.I i'm back rite now but for a while only !

Jajakins said...

oh, MY. cupid love struck?

bna said...

this guy pict is super scary..
he makes valentine looks like Halloween..

Marvin D. Wilson said...

OMG! That's like the UGLIEST Cupid I EVER seen!! LOL

Happy Valentines to you too, QM.